Cheapest Gold Detectors in Pakistan

The gold detectors are available for everyone who wants to explore the grounds and see what treasures are hidden underneath the ground surface. However investing in such heavy equipment for hobby is not easy, and starting from a beginner level equipment makes some sense as well. Here are the features which will come with the cheapest gold detectors only. 

For Recreation Only

These equipment are not very high end, thus extremely sophisticated technology required for professional level work is not available. Only the necessary functions vital for the working of a gold detector are present which would only make it much more easy to carry and helpful for recreational purposes. 

Specific Environmental Conditions

The gold detectors could only be utilized in a very low range of environmental conditions and the results would be compromised if the weather becomes unstable for example extreme temprature shifts, rain, thunderstorms etc. Also the electrical interference from surrounding metallic bodies will also change the productivity of equipment negatively.  

Very Limited Depth

The detectors advertised within affordable price range or cheap category can not perceive the depth underground to a very long extent. They may be practical to use for the distance of about a few inches only. 

Limited Display Options

The display options for the metal detectors in this category comes usually with typical analog systems, where the needle deflection shows metal detection with or without sound effects. However some models can also come with an advanced or digital LED based display. 

Technology and Coils

They detectors usually work on VLF technology and coil sizes are small with options of mono coils only, with no differentiation between ferrous and nonferrous compounds. These are some of the basic technologies which only work to detect the presence of a metallic object. Mono coil results in slightly increasing the depth potential which is a plus for this equipment. 

Time Taking

As the coil size is so small, it is very time consuming to cover an area using these detectors. The continuous swinging motions are required because of the motion based mechanism and it becomes very time consuming. 

Not Very Reliable Results

The results of the beginner level gold detectors are not in very much detail thus they are considered approximate and are not always accurate or correct. So this becomes very tough for the gold detector users to judge whether they are digging the right place or the alarm was only for a trashy material comprised of a metal. 

These are some factors which are important to keep in mind while purchasing Detectors

Most Expensive Gold Detectors in Pakistan

Gold detectors as treasure hunting equipment have an image of being very expensive and it is not completely false. Although the price range starts from about 10k, it extends all the way up to more than 400k and as many features the buyer would like to have, the more he will be willing to pay. But what are the extreme features which could be expected from top-notch metal detection equipment so far? Here is a list of features about the most expensive gold detectors and how they justify the price range. 

In-Depth Structure of Ground

These gold detectors are not only practical for finding gold deposits underground but also used surveying instruments. They have the capability of understanding the surfaces beneath the ground level such as graves, caves and cavities etc. because of the very delicate sensor-based technology they are developed on. 

Supports Extreme Environmental Conditions

These gold detectors are designed to work in extremely bad weather conditions. Especially when other detectors are unable to follow through, these special instruments go through every water based or in general any geological conditions. 

Maximum Possible Depth

If the buyer or a person interested in buying gold detectors with the maximum possible depth access underground, then it can only be promised by the most expensive gold detectors. This depth would not be compromised due to ground conditions or environmental factors. 

Comes With Premium Paid Software

The premium gold detectors are also accompanied with some superior quality software developed especially to optimize the results and output representation of the device. Many USA and Germany based companies are coming with these software solutions for their worldwide audience. After scanning the field or ground via hardware equipment, the data is exported to the systems with software support. Most of these equipment;s software is supported by desktop computers because of the higher computing power. But some of them are also available for mobile devices.   

Manufacturer’s Country of Origin

Based on the country of origin and their history for manufacturing quality products, their commitment to technological advancements as well as potential to supply globally, the product quality from  the countries can vary. The best and top of the line gold detectors are manufactured by USA and Germany. Then Canada has its presence, followed by some other Europeon countries. 

Absence of Coils

These best and expensive detectors do not work of VLF or Pulse Induction technology. Their unique technology is called Electromagnetic Radar Technology  or Electromagnetic Sensor technology. 

Indoor Testing is not Possible

The sampling and testing whether the device works indoor or not, or under fresh items, is not very effective. These highly powerful equipment works best on long buried objects only. 


One of the major disadvantages of using such high tech equipment, is that it is very time taking to work on such big level. A crew might be required to do the whole project of detection, data analysis, digging, prospecting etc. First the field data is collected, then data in vast amounts is saved in some external storage device. Then that data is saved and analyzed in the device supporting the respective software for each device. Although an option to work live at the site is possible, but it is very complicated to execute. 

Uses of Most Expensive Detectors

Most expensive detectors come with a lot of fancy perks which can be easily utilized by many people from different scientific and non-scientific backgrounds all using for different purposes. Here are some of the popular purposes: 

  • By Archaeologists – the professionals who are researching older civilizations by looking out for their items buried underground as well as their lifestyle of living etc. can use these sensors to conduct underground surveys.
  • By Geologists – People researching about the Earth and what it contains, including natural rocks, sediments, cavities and what they comprise of use these radar technology based gold detectors to enhance their data collection and analysis. 
  • At Construction Sites –  Where the engineers and construction site developers want to analyze the ground they will be building some structures on, and depending of the type, quality and make up of the ground components underneath, the construction project could be effectively modified. 
  • For Pro Treasure Hunters – People who know what they are doing with treasure hunting and how large profit potential their land has, they invest in such equipment to get more efficient and precise results. 

Price Range

As the title suggests, these are the most expensive gold detectors with numerous benefits and some complexities. The price basically depends upon the brand and model the buyer chooses, but the price range usually falls between about 15,000 Euros to 50,000 Euros. 

Popular Models in Most Expensive Detectors

Some of the popular models which could be classified in the most expensive gold detector categories could be:


  1. OKM ABCXYZ (please edit and add some models)

Gold Detectors as a Gift in Pakistan 2019

The tradition of gifting goods to the loved ones and acquaintances is evolving as a ritual because more than emphasizing on the value of the gift, the element of its practicality is also important these days. Objects which you could just decorate on a shelf no more is a desirable gift option for many people as opposed to the ones which can be used on a daily, weekly basis or can be used to gain more value. Gold detectors can be considered as valid gift options if such beliefs are existent in the gift buyer. 

Purpose of Gift

The gift could be selected for two basic purposes, whether for recreation purposes and no serious consideration of the output is required. Or whether for treasure hunting or seeking gold for the purpose of collecting ornaments, coins or relics of some worth underneath the ground. 

Unique Equipment

Gold detectors are not like the household juicer blenders or fancy manicure equipment. Gold detectors are very unique machines and many people are not aware of the uses and applications of such equipment, so an element of surprise and amusement is always there. 

Ease of Use

Despite looking like too complex, there is only slight training and field testing required to fully understand all the options available in gold detection equipment. So this would not be as difficult to use as many overly technical equipment out there. 

About the Receiver

The personality of the person intended to receive these gold detectors also matter as they may take it seriously depending upon their age, stage in the lifecycle and many other factors. Children could enjoy coin hunting as recreation whereas adults can put serious thought into it. 

Locality of Receiver

The place where the receiver of the gift lives also remains an are of importance because if he or she lives in a populated area, choice of detector would vary and if the areas rich with gold nuggets then the detector would be completely different irrespective of its size. 

Interest in Gold Detectors

Their existing level of awareness or interest in gold detectors could vary and affect the choice of selection as experts would prefer advanced level and people on the initial level would like to start with beginner level equipment. 

Excellent item for Recreation

If the person wants to enjoy quality time with their family or friends, gold detectors can easily be used for an exciting outdoor activity and the souvenirs would be so much more valuable than candies and toys. 

May Used for Side Business

People with established main business or in a hectic job can use gold metal detectors as a dependable side business. Because looking for objects underground which hold so much value and can be sold out to market for so much would be very helpful. 


gold detector price in pakistan

Gold detector price in Pakistan 2021

Ultimate Gold detector price in Pakistan

Gold detector prices in Pakistan NOKTA Detectors are known to be the stars of the metal detectors industry since the year they were established they are serving their customers with the best gold detector price in Pakistan. They follow the unique but advanced principles of innovation, optimal performance, and product quality, and user satisfaction.

Because of its advanced technology, it has become the popular yet favorite brand worldwide by professional as well as hobbyist hunters.

NOKTA has always been the game-changer of the metal detectors industry and carrying its qualities it made a huge investment in 2011 by developing new advanced technologies in the world of metal detectors that was followed by the acquisition of MACRO Detectors in the year 2014.

And with the acquisition of MACRO detectors prices, NOKTA is exporting NOKTA MACRO metal detectors throughout the world its vast exporting network is in more than 150 countries and 6 continents.

NOKTA MACRO DETECTORS are certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry, and technology of turkey in 2017 as an official R&D center.

Besides NOKTA MACRO’s many advancements and products quality, the biggest source of motivation by the company is its customer’s satisfaction.

One of the services provided to customers is the products warranty for which NOKTA MACRO prices in Pakistan are very known.

gold detector price in pakistan

gold detector price in pakistan


  • NOKTA MACRO Detectors company gives their users the warranty that the NOKTA MACRO products will be free from any material defects for the specified period of 2 years for the following products

  • All electronic system boxes

  • Search coils

  • Shafts

  • Handles

  • While for the products like

NOKTA MACRO branded lithium batteries and all accessories have a warranty period of 6 months.

  • While the third-party accessories and AA/AAA batteries are not covered under this policy.


  • Another point of NOKTA MACRO warranty policy is that it is limited to those defects which occur during the normal usage of products according to the printed instructions of NOKTA MACRO and the warranty policy does not cover any other problem that may arise as a result of


  1. Misuse of the products, negligence, and any accident.

  2. Software or programs which are not supported by NOKTA MACRO detectors.

  3. Or any unauthorized maintenance of operation or alteration by the buyer or the third party.

  • The warranty policy by NOKTA MACRO will be void if any of these occur.


  1. The serial number of the product is removed or altered.

  2. The device or its parts are exposed to extreme hot or cold conditions or are soaked in water unless specified as waterproof.


  • Moreover, the customers should return the defective product to NOKTA MACRO or to any of its authorized dealers with freight prepaid.

  • When the NOKTA MACRO detectors receive the defective product and if it falls under the warranty policy it will either repair or replace the product.





What if you want to replace any NOKTA MACRO PRODUCT?

Here is the answer

In case the user wants to return any of the NOKTA MACRO products purchased he or she has to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA).

And this implies all of the product’s returns including the warranty/repair, replacements, or non-warranty repairs.

How will you obtain RMA?

The customer service will provide you with an RMA form which the user has to fill completely and correctly.

The customer service department will evaluate the issue or the problem and will issue an RMA number then the team will send the RMA form back to you.

After the user receives the RMA he or she will have to repack the product appropriately including the RMA in the package and will write the RMA number outside the product’s package.

In addition to that one also have to include the original warranty certificate dated and stamped by the dealer or distributor within the package.

If the returns are unauthorized or freight returns the company will not accept them and will send them back to the buyer at the buyer’s expense.

Things to be considered while packaging your shipment Price in Pakistan

Packaging and shipping the products correctly is the user’s responsibility as this will protect the value of the products returned.

Following packaging, requirements must be fulfilled otherwise the company has the right to deny any warranty coverage for repairs.

  1. All the electronic components or the products must be tapped correctly or must be contained in their original protecting packaging and in the absence of that in its appropriate substitute.

  2. All the parts of the products must be packed properly to prevent any kind of mechanical damage.

  3. The external packaging of the product must be sufficient to protect the products from any hazards of shipping.



NOKTA MACRO metal detectors provide a safe and convenient environment on their website so that the users can safely navigate there.

How do they gather users’ other information?

NOKTA MACRO metal detectors company automatically review and save the areas which were navigated and even they collect the information about how many times a person has clicked on which section and in which section the user is showing the more interest. This type of data is only gathered for the purpose of knowing rates of different fields which have been navigated or clicked.