Fisher treasure

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector: Highly advanced Tiny Gold Detector

Metal Detector with Advanced features for gold in mineralized soil

Get the Gold Bug:

Discover the gold that others have left behind.

The Fisher Gold Metal Detector was designed to find the Gold nuggets and the tiny Gold that others have left behind. It also works in Highly Mineralized soil. The Fisher Gold Bug is the latest Model in the famous series of gold Detectors.

Get back to old Grounds:

The gold Bug is designed to hit down the toughest ground minerals to locate gold. Therefore it’s time to get back to your old ground. The High frequency makes it perfect for finding tiny gold nuggets. The LCD displays accurately report the ground and have the best target response. Finally keeping that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the features required when buying a gold metal detector.


  •  Five-year warranty
  •  Best in industry Threshold and gain adjustment
  • Super Sensitive
  • Lightweight
  • No motion pinpoint
  • Recommended for Gold Nuggets
  • Two Search Modes
  • Depth readout and signal strength indicator
  • Large Target alert
  • Large LCD with 0-99 numeric digits
  • Most famous and best for industrial line
  • 1-9 volt supply
  • 19khz Frequency operated
  • Ground Balance and computer-assisted ground grab
  • 1/8 headphones jack
  • Having round search coil
  • Waterproof Coil
  • Having all metal and Discriminate mode

The reason behind the reputation of Gold Bug is that gold is often harder to detect than the average coin or relic. Gold nuggets are nearly always small, which makes detecting them difficult. You’ll mostly be searching for nuggets that weigh less than one gram, rather than relatively large coins. Most gold is also found in highly mineralized soil. Low-frequency VLF detectors struggle with these conditions. Gold Bug is considered best in Gold Detection.

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