Gold Detector & Metal Detectors in Pakistan

Gold Detectors in Pakistan

Being the largest, oldest & experienced distributor of Gold Detectors and  Metal Detectors in Pakistan, our company has proud to be called as the “MARKET LEADER” in field of Detection. Besides the business of Treasure detectors, 3D scanner, long Range Locator ,Ground Penetrating Radar, Archeological Instrument, Analyzer ,Gold Machines ,Finding and searching the ground buried Loss Gold Treasure, Diamond Gemstone Detector  and locator  our company also supplies from the fields of Defense Equipment, Drones(Quad Copters,), Robotics, Rugged and much more. We are serving our whole market with Innovative and practical Technologies. Our priority is to provide a new level of excellence in detectors market and to provide up-to-date knowledge. We are representing all the international genuine brands of Gold detectors and Metal detectors in Pakistan. We have thousands of satisfied clients who trust us, and that trust makes us feel proud ever.

Metal & Gold Detectors in Pakistan

Scanning process of Metal Gold Detectors can started directly on the device. They are able detects buried objects and deep structures as well. Mostly Advanced Gold detectors are a mixture of   high performance results and Friendly users. Gold detectors are very highly recommended for accurate scans of the ground. Some 3D Detectors are equipped with Tablets as well. Gold Detector are upgradeable by adding different size of coils that will give you real time result at maximum performance Following Features in Detectors are highly demandable in Market of Pakistan

Compact Size

Maximum depth

Upgradeable to different Coil

Long lasting Battery

Stability in High mineralized soil

Advanced Hitech Technology

Compatible With Tablet & PC

Automatic Ground Balance

Material of Target metal

Depth of Target Metal

Warranty Duration

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Why Us ?

Authorized Dealer

Pakistan detectors technology is an authorized and certified distributor of world Best Gold Metal Detectors in Pakistan. All machine are sold along Manufacturer Warranty

After Sales support

We not only sell the products once. We provide best after sale services to all our valuable and premium customer. If there is any fault occurs in Device within Warranty Time we Provide Best possible service to clients.

In Stock

Our Most wanted Detectors are always available in Demand Stock to fulfil the client requirements. We provide the services for client to import on order by clients requirements.

Professional tanning

The machine play an important role in Detection but the using of machine is also important to get proper readings so for that we provide engineers and experienced staff to walkthrough the machine so you pinpointing the target accurately

Buy Genuine

Now a days it’s difficult to differentiate between genuine and Replica (china) product. Our products have serial number attached to them so you can verify online on manufacturers website if the product is genuine or not

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