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Being the largest, oldest & experienced distributor of Metal Detector and Gold Detector in Pakistan, our company has proud to be called the “MARKET LEADER” in the field of Detection.

Besides the business of Treasure detectors, 3D scanner, long Range Locator, Ground Penetrating Radar, Archeological Instrument, Analyzer, Gold Machines, Finding and searching the ground buried Loss Gold Treasure, Diamond Gemstone Detector and locator our company also supplies from the fields of Defense Equipment, Drones(Quad Copters,), Robotics, Rugged and much more.

We are serving our whole market with Innovative and practical Technologies. Our priority is to provide a new level of excellence in the detectors market and to provide up-to-date knowledge. We are representing all the international genuine brands of Gold detectors in Pakistan. We have thousands of satisfied clients who trust us, and that trust makes us feel proud ever

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Nokta Gold Kruzer

Gpx 5000

Fisher F19

Fisher Gold Bug Pro DP

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Teknetics Eurotek


Gold Kruzer


Minelab GPX 5000


Garret Ace 400


Easy Way To Find Gold And Metal With The Help Of Detectors

Metal indicators give an intriguing method for finding gold, metal, and other mineral examples. Gold is regularly pinpointed in the ground, sand, iron metal fields. Anyplace gold pieces have been found before, or any gold-bearing region. Thus, this is the place where exploration is vital at that point, utilize your metal indicator to look through a space where you realize others have tracked down gold.  If you have the right devices and information, you can track down gold pieces, gold veins, metal shavings, and gold chunks. With the rising cost of gold today, individuals can make a profession out of prospecting gold with a metal locator and selling their finds.

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Multi Kruzer


Garret AT MAX.

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