Pakistan Detector technologies

Our History

Gold Detectors is a project of Pakistan Detector Technologies Pvt Ltd. Moreover the company laid down its formation in 2014 as a sole proprietor by Mr. Najeeb Saleem. Meanwhile, it got registered as Private limited company in 2019, has its head office in Gulberg Greens Islamabad. It is known as leading authorized distributor of Gold Metal Detectors in Pakistan.


Vision of Pakistan Detector Technologies is “To be at a leading position with best vendors having superior quality and best customer satisfaction. To be a globally respected and reliable distribution channel in Pakistan”


Mission of Pakistan Detector Technologies is “To build a long term relationship by providing an excellent experience from beginning to end. Emphasis on analyzing and measuring the demand and needs of the market”

Our Businesses/Products

Our main businesses are (but not limited to) Defense supplier, Drones, Robotics etc. The products offered by us can range from Detectors, Scanners to Radars and much more.

In addition the brands we are representing are well known global brands that have already taken popularity in the global marketplace. Their product offerings are considered to be the most innovative, up-to-date, highest quality, efficient and reliable, proven by their worldwide customer base. We collect data on worldwide hobby metal detectors and share it in our domestic market by offering high-quality detectors.

Cost Effective, Competitive and Reasonable pricing is considered as one of our core value. Our Prices reflect our quality standards, importing country’s currency exchange rate, detector types, technology being deployed, and its associated brand & manufacturing.

Our services

include after sale services, installation, training, warranty & repairing. The customers always get fully satisfied whenever they reach us because their safety is ensured by our services team.

Most Wanted/Stockiest

There is a range of products available at our places to urgently cater to the needs of our clients. Usually, this stock represents most wanted products by our clients which we import prior to their requests, because all we do is, hearing the ‘Voice Of Customers’.

Product Categories

In order to fully understand and to get perfect usage of detectors, we have categorized the products for our clients. These categories provide a long variety for our customers to choose easily that best suits their needs. These categories can include the following:


Metal Detectors

  • GPR
  • Long Range Detectors
  • 3D Scanners
  • Magnetometer
  • Under Water Detectors
  • Gold Prospecting Detectors


Professional detectors are being imported by us, as per our client’s needs and specifications mentioned. Our company has extensive experience in importing from well-reputed detector manufacturing countries. Also all our clients need to do is, just mentioning us their choice of brand and model and leave the rest of the operations of importing to us.

Mainly all of the products being imported have their original company stamp and stickers to avoid any fraudulent issues that may otherwise be generated. Our Company strongly understands the need of awareness for those clients who get them caught in fake products, and for this purpose, our industry experts provide in-depth knowledge of fake v/s original items.

Core Values

Our Company has strong values that have been taught and implemented by all levels of our organization. These values represent us and give us a unique remarkable space in today’s competitive environment. Moreover our Values says that Customer Satisfaction is our key to success. We develop Customer-focused strategies to ensure long-range benefits for our customers because our customer is our boss. These values made us able to build our client’s trust. Cost Effective Prices, principles of innovation and no compromise on quality are also in line to ensure our success.

Our Team

We have Professional Trainers and Industry Experts who are always up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, their focus remains on Research & development to find better quality products that not only satisfy our customers but also delight them. Our team is continuously finding new product models and Brands in the worldwide market as per our customer requirements.

Our Team performs different types of tasks that are not limited to Detectors field tests and Air tests performed by our professional trainers to determine the product’s performance under different environmental conditions. Secondly our Import experts do their best jobs to make products delivered at customer’s desired locations, from around the world.

Lastly our Team is our strength, and we incorporate organizational policies that make our team happy and satisfied.

Our Suppliers

We are representing World Known Manufacturers of Detectors in Pakistan from worldwide marketplaces. We don’t deal with countries producing third class products because we can’t compromise on quality. We are only importing and supplying Top manufacturing county’s genuine products. These countries are:

  • USA
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • France
  • Turkey

These are the only best quality detector manufacturing countries supplying worldwide. They have been considered as the Game Changers in Detectors Industry. They have all the best Research & Development teams who are using advance Engineering techniques to find the best solutions for our users. And Pakistan Detectors has the owner to represent all of them in Pakistan.

Our Clients

The company has expanded its client base from one corner to the other covering whole of Pakistan. We have our sales and dealer network in entire Pakistan. We Help Archeologists, Treasure Hunters, and Hobbyists through our experience and by providing high-quality standard performing detectors. We have a range of discoveries found by our clients by using our detectors.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Pakistan Detectors Technologies can never neglect the importance of being socially responsible. Also our CSR team makes sure that our all products are environment-friendly and they can only be served for good purposes.

 Also, our business practices completely follow regulatory authorities’ procedures for importing and pay the greatest attention to build a strong image of our country in global markets while having trade relations with our global partners 

Pakistan Detector Technologies