It is a Metal Detector device, used for underground, buried, lost items, treasure (silver, gold, copper, and iron) or any kind of metal detection. There are different functions in these machines which tell us what kind of metal is underground.

This is the most common frequently asked question by our clients. There is no way to explain the depth of detector because there are so many factors on which this depth depends, there is no single measure through which we can say how deeply this detector will work

  1. Size and Shape; larger the size and shape of detector plate (its diameter), more area it will cover on ground, and ultimately more in depth detection it will provide.
  2. Time; when the metal is under the ground for so long time period, it creates ‘halo effect’ in its surroundings due to its characteristic of being metal, which makes it easier for detectors to detect in more depth.
  • Soil; if the soil is more mineralized, the detector will detect in less depth. On the other hand, detector will detect in more depth if soil is less mineralized.
  1. Object Material; if the object/material is of high quality, detector will detect in more depth.
  2. Magnetization; if the object has magnetization effects, it increases detector’s depth.
  3. Electrical interference; detector’s depth compromises due to signals, or even due to cell phones.

YES, it does have the capability to recognize the type of metal which is underground, before digging. It can easily discriminate whether this metal is silver, gold or copper. But this feature has been compromised in some low quality brands or when the detector has to perform in so much depth it may not tell the exact type of metal.

Not a single one. We can simply say that, there is not a single best detector which can cater every type of your need with 100% perfection. The choice of best detector depends upon certain factors like your needs/requirements, your past experience with detectors, your budget, the kind of soil you are going to use for detection, the kind of object you want to find, the amount of time you want to spend on detection etc. All these factors define what the best detector is for you. And we have all the experience and knowledge to provide you with the best fit.

To make detector and ground, both compatible with each other, or to make your detector compatible with your ground, a specific setting is applied which is known as ‘ground balance’. It minimizes the effect of high soil mineralization.

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Due to exchange rate fluctuations and changes in duties and taxes on import, we can’t specify exact prices for our products. For a quote, you can simply contact us and we can forward you the real prices at current rates.

YES. Our import expert team can provide you the same model and detector within 4 business weeks only if the same model has not been discontinued by the manufacturer. Firstly, we will check our stock, if we have it in our stock then you can get it within 2 to 3 business days.

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