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Minelab is one of the world’s famous metal detector manufacturing company. Minelab is known to have manufactured some of the world’s most unique and famous metal detectors. Minelab is one of the few metal detector manufacturers that specializes in high-tech detectors for gold, underwater use, mine clearance and forensic purposes.


Minelab is an Australian company.


The metal detector manufacturing company was established in the year 1985 in the Australian city of Adelaide. For almost 34 years minelab has provided its customers with the best. In the early 70s metal detector equipment’s were brought from the USA but as soon as minelab was established it gained popularity among the Australians as more and more people wanted to buy metal detectors this was because the Australian soil is known to have many precious stones buried in it. The company was growing and was becoming famous amongst the people so minelab decided to improve its metal detectors and incorporate them with the latest technologies. So here are some of the improvements they did in the following years:

  • In 1987 the company introduced an innovative technology of Automatic Ground Tracking in its next machine which was the GT 16000 Ground Tracker.

  • In 1989 minelab launched the worlds very first two frequency detector Eureka Dual Ace.

  • Then in 1991 minelab launched its Sovereign Series. Which were again a very big hit.

  • Underwater metal detectors were also needed because many of the metal detectors could not work underwater so in the year 1993 minelab introduced its very first underwater metal detector Excalibur Series.

  • In the year 1995 minelab launched its new series of metal detectors the SD Series detectors.

  • In 1999 minelab launched Explorer Series.

  • In 2002 achieve Finalist – SA CIMB Innovation Award category – innovator of the year.

  • In the year 2002 minelab introduced its F3 mine detectors which were again a big hit and are still in production and are loved by people.

  • In 2007 minelab decided to incorporate digital technologies in its metal detectors so they introduced the GPX4000, while its next brother GPX4500 enabled the user to filter off the noise using digital assets.

Why chose minelab:

So why should people prefer minelab? Well minelab through all these years have proven to be one of the best because they are always trying to improve their metal detectors. Through the recent years they have incorporated their metal detectors with the latest technologies. So below are some of the many reasons why people should chose minelab over other metal detector brands:


Minelab has always employed the latest technologies in its metal detectors. Following are the technologies used by minelab:

  • W8

  • Smartfind

  • Detector interference free technology


  • Broad band spectrum

  • Full band spectrum

  • Smartfind 2

  • Full band spectrum 2


  • Selectable three frequency transmission (3F)

  • Ultra-wide dynamic range VLF

  • Very low frequency (VLF)

  • Multi period fast (MPF)

  • Smart electronic timing alignment (SETA)

  • Dual voltage technology (DVT)

  • Multi period sensing (MPS)

  • Wi-stream

  • GPSi

  • Super-D

  • Zero voltage transmission (ZVT)

  • 3FX3

  • 5FX8

  • Multi-IQ

The coils used:

The coils used in minelab metal detectors are usually of big size and are capable of finding even the smallest of things. Another thing about these coils is that most of them are water resistance which means that water cannot harm them and they will work perfectly in areas where there is little water.

Ground balance:

The ground balance feature in almost all the minelab’s metal detectors is automatic so it adjusts itself automatically according to the types of ground you are working on. This feature also helps the beginners as they do not have to worry about it.

Battery power:

Most of the minelab’s metal detectors are equipped with rechargeable battery and have improved battery life. While treasure hunting most people would worry about their metal detector’s battery life. Well if you have one of minelab’s metal detector then you do not need to worry about the battery life as these metal detectors have battery life indicator which will keep you informed about the battery.


Gold hunting can be quit hectic as it takes hours and hours of work and if your metal detector is heavy then there are chances that you might get tired easily. That is way minelab tries its best to develop metal detectors which are light weighted so its customers can enjoy metal hunting without any fatigue.


Many of the metal detectors from minelab have a large LCD display which gives you all the information about your finding so that you can know about it before you start digging.

Detection modes:

One of the features that most of the minelab’s metal detector have is the detection modes.

Some metal detector might have only one detection mode while others can have more than one. The various detection modes tells you about the types of things you have found whether it is something valuable or something very ordinary like a soda can.

Achievements of Minelab:

Success stories of a company are very important as it shows the true picture of a company. In the year 1996 Minelab achieved Australia Post, Australia Day Council Business Award and then in 1997 it got ISO 9001 Certificate. In 1998 Minelab extended itself to Ireland and the USA. In the same year, Minelab won the AusIndustry Innovation Prize and National Winner IBM Business Owner award. In 2000 Minelab won the City of West Torrens Business Award for outstanding contribution towards the Economic Development of the City of West Torrens and in 2002 it was recognized as the supplier for the Australian department of defence in 2002.

Customer care:

Minelab is one of those companies which takes care of its customers and hear there inquires about the product. Minelab wants its customers to be satisfied with their product and to enjoy using their metal detectors.


Minelab provides warranty on its metal detectors. The warranty period may differ from product to product and if you accidentally broke your metal detector then don’t worry minelab has got your back it will repair your metal detector.


Minelab through all these years of hard work has become one of the best when it comes to metal detectors and it is also enjoyed by people all around the world. Once people use it they forget about other companies. So hurry up and buy your very own Minelab metal detector.

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