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Lorenz Metal detector in PAKISTAN

What is actually a Metal Detector?

A metal detector is a type of electronic device which is being used all over the world. Main purpose of a metal detector is to find or detect the metals which are hidden or are underground.

Metal detectors are used by the organizations for security purposes, by individuals for finding treasure etc. and even by the military forces for the security as well as defense purposes, they are also prominent at airports, schools, offices.

Types of Metal Detectors:

There are currently three different types of metal detectors available.

Beat Frequency Oscillation  

 BFO is generally the most basic technology to detect metal in the ground.  The system works by two coils of wires, one located in the head and the other located in the machine’s control box.

Very low Frequency

VLF technology is the most popular metal detector technology and used within the majority of device available in the market today.

Pulse Induction Detectors:

PI detectors works by the way of single coil acting as both transmitter and receiver.


DEEPMAX Z1 is one of the most reliable metal detection device in the world. It is probably the most sensitive and stable detecting device.

DEEPMAX Z1 is the metal detecting device by LORENZ which is a metal detectors company based in GERMANY.

DEEPMAX Z1 is the type of PULSE INDUCTION metal detector. That means it works by a single coil acting as both transmitter and receiver.

Maximum Depth

It has a maximum depth of 4m.


It has a warranty of 2 years.

Now if we comes towards its specifications and advance technologies it has a lot in it.

It has the best features as compared to other metal detector devices.

LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 is the most efficient device in detecting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals underground. That is the result of its pulse induction technology.

DEEPMAZ Z1 is user friendly and has easy operations via simple buttons.

DEEPMAZ Z1 contains the most useful features of metal detection like automatic ground balancing.

DEEPMAX Z1 is almost unaffected by salt, water, most types of mineralized grounds and temperature.

Now we are going to talk about details of LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 features.

Which are as follows:

Easy Operations:

The device is easy to use and operate with few controls and customized LCD display screen with simple menu system to configure and adjust the different device settings.

Signal strength bar graph, time-delay reading, ferrous/non-ferrous icons, battery conditions and all the modes of setting are displayed on a large LCD screen so provide the user all information and settings.

Great performance:

Lorenz DEEPMAZ Z1 has a great performance in finding buried metallic objects like gold, treasures, coins and ferrous and non-ferrous objects

In addition to detect small metals it is the perfect choice to detect large metallic objects underground that were buried at extreme depth.

With its unique Pulse Ground Balancing system it provides a stable operation.

Search Coils:

A device equipped with variety of search coils which are available for different detection purposes for small objects or large metallic objects.

Most search coils are waterproof and also come in different sizes and dimensions to fit multiple metal detection applications.

For example; the user can use large frame coil which consists of multiple pipes for detection of large areas and to extreme depth; also it can be used for exact target pinpointing.

Single or dual induction balanced or differential coil designs can be used.


The device works using interchangeable, rechargeable NIMH Battery pack for worldwide operations; it can be charged using 90-265V AC/ 50-60Hz charger.

The device can be charged also using a car charger for 10-30V DC supplies which is available as accessory.


The device has fast audio response speed with different audio settings and also an adjustable audio threshold.

Data Logger Module:

Easy to use data logger function works with additional hard and software kit

So it generates six 2D image and six 3D surface maps from the scans being taken.

Each map is different depending on the electronic analysis method, and therefore can be the key to probable kind of metal buried in the ground.

GPS based meter track, field and compass heading information make it easy to work with a data


Package Contents:

  • LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 electronic control box.
  • Adjustable shoulder and belt strap with detachable

Battery pack.

  • Fast charger with wide range AC-input(90-265V)
  • Euro AC adapter (standard)
  • Operating manual(English/German)
  • Stereo head phones with four way connector

LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 Detecting kit includes in addition

  • 1m x 1m frame coil with carrying straps.
  • Carrying bag for 1m x 1m frame coil.
  • Telescopic S pole, consisting of 3 rods.
  • 35cm DD-coil.
  • Data logger hardware/software kit.
  • GPS-Module.
  • USB Module
  • USB adapter cable for data transfer.
  • Optional software SURFER.

LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 detection depths:

  • Brass plate 4 x 4 inches:

14 inches coil – 40 inches

18 inches coil- 43.5 inches

40 x 40 inches frame square – 57 inches

40 x 40 inches double frame square-5’6 inches

  • Soft drink can 3 x 6 inches:

14 inches coil-3’11 inches

18 inches coil-4’3 inches

40 x 40 inches frame square- 5’4 inches

40 x 40 inches double frame square-6’6 inches

  • Iron box 12 x 18 x 6 inches:

14 inches coil -5’6 inches

18 inches coil-6’6 inches

40 x 40 inches frame square – 9’2 inches

40 x 40 inches double frame squre-11’1 inches

Other Important Features:

Here are listed some other eye catching features of Lorenz DEEPMAX Z1

  • Plastic carrying case with foam padding.
  • Stereo headphones with four way connector.
  • 14 inches (35cm) DD-search coil.
  • 1 x 1 frame coil with carrying straps.
  • Adjustable shoulder and belt strap with detachable rechargeable battery pack.
  • Fast charger with wide range AC-input.
  • Euro AC adapter ( standard)
  • New search system circuitry with all new functions
  • High dynamic range for extreme ground signals.
  • Multi sensor detection (MST) with several search coils working at the same time.


It has a rating of 5/5 by the users.

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