Most Expensive Gold Detectors in Pakistan

Gold detectors as treasure hunting equipment have an image of being very expensive and it is not completely false. Although the price range starts from about 10k, it extends all the way up to more than 400k and as many features the buyer would like to have, the more he will be willing to pay. But what are the extreme features which could be expected from top-notch metal detection equipment so far? Here is a list of features about the most expensive gold detectors and how they justify the price range. 

In-Depth Structure of Ground

These gold detectors are not only practical for finding gold deposits underground but also used surveying instruments. They have the capability of understanding the surfaces beneath the ground level such as graves, caves and cavities etc. because of the very delicate sensor-based technology they are developed on. 

Supports Extreme Environmental Conditions

These gold detectors are designed to work in extremely bad weather conditions. Especially when other detectors are unable to follow through, these special instruments go through every water based or in general any geological conditions. 

Maximum Possible Depth

If the buyer or a person interested in buying gold detectors with the maximum possible depth access underground, then it can only be promised by the most expensive gold detectors. This depth would not be compromised due to ground conditions or environmental factors. 

Comes With Premium Paid Software

The premium gold detectors are also accompanied with some superior quality software developed especially to optimize the results and output representation of the device. Many USA and Germany based companies are coming with these software solutions for their worldwide audience. After scanning the field or ground via hardware equipment, the data is exported to the systems with software support. Most of these equipment;s software is supported by desktop computers because of the higher computing power. But some of them are also available for mobile devices.   

Manufacturer’s Country of Origin

Based on the country of origin and their history for manufacturing quality products, their commitment to technological advancements as well as potential to supply globally, the product quality from  the countries can vary. The best and top of the line gold detectors are manufactured by USA and Germany. Then Canada has its presence, followed by some other Europeon countries. 

Absence of Coils

These best and expensive detectors do not work of VLF or Pulse Induction technology. Their unique technology is called Electromagnetic Radar Technology  or Electromagnetic Sensor technology. 

Indoor Testing is not Possible

The sampling and testing whether the device works indoor or not, or under fresh items, is not very effective. These highly powerful equipment works best on long buried objects only. 


One of the major disadvantages of using such high tech equipment, is that it is very time taking to work on such big level. A crew might be required to do the whole project of detection, data analysis, digging, prospecting etc. First the field data is collected, then data in vast amounts is saved in some external storage device. Then that data is saved and analyzed in the device supporting the respective software for each device. Although an option to work live at the site is possible, but it is very complicated to execute. 

Uses of Most Expensive Detectors

Most expensive detectors come with a lot of fancy perks which can be easily utilized by many people from different scientific and non-scientific backgrounds all using for different purposes. Here are some of the popular purposes: 

  • By Archaeologists – the professionals who are researching older civilizations by looking out for their items buried underground as well as their lifestyle of living etc. can use these sensors to conduct underground surveys.
  • By Geologists – People researching about the Earth and what it contains, including natural rocks, sediments, cavities and what they comprise of use these radar technology based gold detectors to enhance their data collection and analysis. 
  • At Construction Sites –  Where the engineers and construction site developers want to analyze the ground they will be building some structures on, and depending of the type, quality and make up of the ground components underneath, the construction project could be effectively modified. 
  • For Pro Treasure Hunters – People who know what they are doing with treasure hunting and how large profit potential their land has, they invest in such equipment to get more efficient and precise results. 

Price Range

As the title suggests, these are the most expensive gold detectors with numerous benefits and some complexities. The price basically depends upon the brand and model the buyer chooses, but the price range usually falls between about 15,000 Euros to 50,000 Euros. 

Popular Models in Most Expensive Detectors

Some of the popular models which could be classified in the most expensive gold detector categories could be:


  1. OKM ABCXYZ (please edit and add some models)