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love searching for metals or want to go treasure hunting and you need a metal detector in pakistan but you cant afford expensive metal detectors? Well not all metal detectors are expensive there is this one brand called tecknetics which have a wide range of metal detectors which are not only cheap but are also equipped with latest features. Lets look at how this company started.

History :

Teknetics was founded in 1983 and then after six years it became part of the First Texas Products family of metal detectors in the year 1989.

A brief information about the first Texas products:

First Texas Products is an American company which concentrates on the manufacture of Bounty Hunter brand competitive metal detector and perceive systems. It is located in Texas. The company secured the Teknetics and Fisher brands from Fisher Labs and the Discovery brand from Discovery Electronics.

Some words about the teknetics:

When talking about metal detectors the first name that comes in our mind is the Teknetics metal detectors. Why is that so? Because the Teknetics brand has always been known for its best performance when it comes to metal detectors.

Why you should chose teknetics when it comes to metal detectors:

There are many reasons that why you should chose tecknetics and they are as follows:

wide range of teknetics metal detectors:

There is a metal detector for every metal searching hobby and treasure hunting is a very interesting and healthy hobby and in metal hunting you can look for all types of metals whether it is a small gold ring or earing or anything that is silver or bronze Or is combing an empty parking lot for lost metal items for to your liking. There is a metal detector every purpose and that has its place in treasure hunting.

This is where teknetics come with its wide range of metal detectors for all sorts of metal detecting. There are metal detectors for the adults as well as for children and teenagers.

Advance features:

One of many reasons to chose tecknetics is that there metal detectors are equipped with the latest technologies and some of them includes there large LCD display which will shoe you all the information and then there is the 3 tone audio which tells about the type of metal found so that you could know about the metal before you start digging.

Many of the metal detectors from other brands cannot work in sea water but tecknetics has employed some of its metal detectors with the capability of working in salt water .these are just some of the many many features.

Cheap price:

Teknetics metal detectors are also famous because they are not costly like other metal detectors brand. Well some people might think that cheap price means less features but that not true in the case of teknetics. Teknetics offer more features in a very cheap price. That is why many people prefer to buy teknetics.

Technologies used by teknetics :

There are two basic metal detection technologies which are commonly used in metal detectors the single-frequency VLF induction balance (“VLF”), and the pulse induction (“PI”). Teknetics commonly use the VLF technology. So what exactly is VLF technology? VLF stands for Very low frequency and it can also called induction balance. Infect it is one of the most commonly used technology in metal detectors.

Why teknnetics uses VLF technology:

VLF have a very large wavelength which enables them to diffract around large obstacles and it can also pass through salt waters which makes it easy to search under water. There are also many other advantages of using VLF technology which are as follows:

  • It produces low cost
  • It is lighter in weight which makes using metal detector easy
  • It is very simple and easy to use
  • It has a long battery life so people can do metal hunting for hours without getting worried about the battery of the metal detector
  •  Don’t have a “dead zone” in target response causing nuggets in a particular size range to lose sensitivity

Coil used in VLF technology:

There are two types of coils used in VLF technology:

Transmitter coil – This is the outer coil loop. Within it is a coil of wire. Electricity is sent along this wire, first in one direction and then in the other, thousands of times each second. The number of times that the current's direction switches each second establishes the frequency of the unit.
Receiver coil – This inner coil loop contains another coil of wire. This wire acts as an antenna to pick up and amplify frequencies coming from target objects in the ground.

Warranty provided by the teknetics company:

The teknetics provide a warranty of 5 years within which the products can be changed or repaired after the ending of his warranty none of these facilities will be given to the customers.

Different models of the teknetics company:

Following are some of the models of metal detectors which are produced by the tecknetics:

  • Alpha 2000
  •  Delta4000
  •  Digitek
  •  Euro tek pro
  •  Eurotek
  •  G2 metal detector
  •  Gamma 6000
  •  Liberator
  •  Minuteman detector
  •  Tek point
  •  Teknetics T2 classic
  •  Tecknetics omega 8500
  •  Teknetics patriots
  •  Teknetics T2 limited edition
  • Teknetics T2 metal detectors

How to use metal detectors:

First of all buy one of the metal detectors from the wide range of detectors from teknetics and then find the most suitable place for treasure hunting .then install batteries in the metal detector . when the battery and the antenna is connected to the metal detector then you can start with the hunting . now move your metal detector in the area

when you hear a beep beep sound it means that your metal detector has found something. You do not need to worry about the fact that maybe you find something that is not of your use and that you wasted your energy and time on digging because the teknetics metal detector gives you a full report on your finding so just enjoy metal hunting with teknetics metal detectors.

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