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Tero vido is a German company which specializes in making metal detectors. They have been known to manufacture some of the world’s most unique and exciting metal detectors. The tero vido metal detector company is run by a group of engineers and archaeologists who help each other to develop such fantastic metal detectors.


The tero vido metal detector company is located in Germany.

Tero vido metal detectors series:

Tero vido metal detector company have many metal detector series, which are as follows:

  • 3 D system

  • Construction series

  • NKS – 3D GPR

  • TVPI Series

  • Tero vido expander

There are many things for which metal detectors are required, but not many companies make metal detectors for that use, but tero vido have manufactured metal detectors for all those uses like for construction purpose for finding objects deep underwater or for finding water.

Why chose tero vido metal detectors:

So why should people choose tero vido? Well there are many reasons as to why you should choose tero vido’s metal detectors and these reasons are as follows:

Unique metal detectors:

Well most companies that manufacture metal detectors stick to the traditional method meaning that they only make metal detectors which are just for finding precious objects but tero vido is not your ordinary company instead it is a company that manufactures metal detector which can be used in constructions or finding cavities or water and even some of its metal detectors can work correctly under water.


Tero vido always uses modern technology in its metal detectors. It uses pulse induction technology (PI) and the VLF single frequency technology.

Search coils used;

Most of the search coils used in the tero vido metal detectors have big size. The large quantity of these coils enables them to find very small targets. Plus these big coils also cover a large area. With the help of these large coils, you can find precious objects in no time.

Tough metal detectors:

Most metal detectors can work in only one condition, but this is not the case with the tero vido metal detectors. The tero vido metal detectors can work correctly in almost every condition, and it will give you accurate results in the most mineralized soils.

Eliminate interference:

The tero vido metal detectors are capable of eliminating interference from power lines so that an accurate position of the target can easily be identified.

For construction purposes:

If you want to avoid damaging any cable of a pipe while construction then the tero vido has a metal detector which will help you to find cables pipes and cavities, and you can easily avoid damaging them.

Locating caves, graves of tunnels:

There are very few metal detectors that have the ability to accurately find tombs or caves and tero vido’s metal detectors are one of them. The tero vido detectors can locate a cave and tell you the exact location of it.


By looking at the tero vido metal detectors, it seems that they might be heavy but that is not true because tero vido designs its metal detectors in such a way that they have a comfortable design plus they have to be lightly weighted so that people can go on a hunt for a long time before getting tired.

Battery life:

Most of the tero vido’s metal detector battery lives are good; they can work for 10 hours or more than that.


The tero vido provide software for its metal detectors to its customers. This software tells the users about the object they have found plus all its information with its picture. There are two software that tero vido provides:

  • 3D software system

  • Gold software system.

Help provided by tero vido:

Tero vido delivers all sorts of help to its customers like they give all the information about their products on their official website. They also tell about the distributors. Tero vido also provides information about their software plus they give the link to this software. There is also a support section on their official website which has a FAQ section plus a manual section and a video section. If you are new to their metal detectors, then these FAQs, as well as videos on their official website and also, have you tube channel so that the tero vido’s customers can learn how to use a metal detector.

Customer care:

Tero vido is one of those companies which takes care of its customers and hear there inquires about the product. Tero vido wants its customers to be satisfied with their product and to enjoy using their metal detectors. Tero vido is a new company and wants its customers to trust it and buy its products so they provide you with all the help that you would need. They have their contact number on their official website, so if you have any problem you can even call them, or you can even mail them your problem, and they will help you to solve it.


Tero vido provides warranty on its metal detectors. The warranty period may differ from product to product and if you accidentally broke your metal detector then don’t worry tero vido has got your back it will repair your metal detector.


If you are a person who does not like the traditional metal detectors and wants something different, then tero vido is your best option because tero vido have some of the world’s most unique metal detectors. These metal detectors have the ability to do almost everything. They can locate precious objects, caves, tunnels, or anything else with accuracy. So buying tero vido metal detectors is your best option.

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