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DRS electronics is the Advanced Approach towards metal detection for the hunters and Detection market. Founded in 2012 in Germany.


It offers services in industry and military fields. Such as Gradiometer, Resistivity measurement, ground penetrating radars, and pulse Detector.

Most noteworthy world acclaimed Ground Expert which allows Professional treasure hunter and archaeologists to find buried targets up to several meters with perfect metal discrimination.

 It can adapt any soil with exclusive 2 second-fast ground balance process.

First Device:

The First device that made possible to find metal and cavities that remains hidden is Stealth Scanner.

It managed to miniaturize a ground scanner and include all eight sensors in a jacket.


Similarly, all devices are also easy to handle and controlled by tablet PC or cell phones.

Market Analysis:

Above all the Engineers know that on the field, treasure hunters need easy to use, lightweight devices.

That’s why they have invested a lot of efforts on miniaturizing devices and similarly as they have included advanced wireless technologies for easier handling. They make it easy to handle joystick.

All devices are also multilingual because treasure hunters use them all over the world.


Above all-new Innovation is X5 is a world premiere. It includes one unit that has resistivity meter, one ground radar as well as a professional pulse induction metal detector and long-range magnetic probe.

Similarly, no other device brings you so many features. Last but not least

3D software is used to display results. In that way that there is no need to transfer your scan result into tablet or computer through your tablet or cell phones. You can choose to use Voxler software with our Pro radar series.

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