Seems like you are looking for a metal detector, you are looking for a detector that works as a speed of light. If so, don’t dare to go anywhere, because TREASURE HUNTER 3D is only detector that fulfils your requirement. Yes TREASURE HUNTER 3D detects metal ten times faster than other detectors. This is one of the most asked detector in the market. Everyone is attracted towards the metal detector TREASURE HUNTER 3D.this brand is also known as a big challenge for other related brands. As by name it is clear that it is a 3d metal detector which means it is a 3 dimensional detector which is used to fulfil the needs of people in an effective way.


This metal indicator is intended for various purposes. As individuals needed any finder that can identify metal from both dry and wet territory effectively. Since before TREASURE HUNTER 3D individuals were utilizing two distinct identifiers from identifying two better places, for example, dry sand and wet sand. Individuals were in a bad position to identify metals and not serenely distinguish their metal in such conditions. So to defeat this issue TREASURE HUNTER 3D is structured. Presently this issue is completely comprehended with this and anybody can without much of a stretch distinguish his fortune from both the spots with one finder.


After the plan of the item what individuals use to get some information about is forever its sturdiness. Since only a sleek plan is nothing without tough structure. So treasure seeker 3d is structured with tough body too. Its super gold has a strong body which is utilized for the recognition of gold.

This model is one of the trend setting innovation. This model is otherwise called a savvy innovation for the identification of metal. TREASURE HUNTER 3D is structured so that it has adaptability and a straightforwardness to utilize. This model has such adaptability that it very well may be utilized anyplace whenever by anybody. Which implies that it don’t have any constraint for the location of metal.


This is one the brand which gives you fastest and 100 % results in Low cost. Yes this brand is available for you in a reasonable price.


TREASURE HUNTER 3D includes many features , while due to the limitation of words very few of them are mentioned here for you.

  • High resolution treasure hunter 3d:

This model gives you higher resolution then any other 3d detectors, which is more than about 40x.

  • Undercover treasure hunter 3d:

Structure of this model resembles to drones, flashlights, stick used for hiking. So this brand is undercover, protected from others eyes, yes when you are carrying it no one can notice that you are carrying a professional detector.

  • Light treasure hunter 3d

Weight of this model is very light, it is as light as feather.


It is portable so you can easily take it with you anywhere you are going, you can easily carry it.

There are 4 models of treasure hunter which are named as:

  • Treasure light

  • Treasure hunter

  • Golden eye

Treasure hunter drone rover

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