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BR is one of America’s company that specializes in the manufacture of metal detectors. When it comes to buying metal detectors the BR metal detector is preferred by many companies. They have a wide range of metal detectors which can be used for many things.


The BR metal detector company was established 10 years ago and in assort period of time the company became one of the famous companies that manufacture metal detectors.

The values of the BR metal Detector Company:

The values of the BR metal detector manufacturing company is that they develop their products according to the highest standards.

The mission of BR metal detector company:

The mission of the BR metal detector manufacturing company is to provide their customers with the finest products equipped with the latest technology which their customers will enjoy using and to become one of the best companies that manufacture metal detectors.

List of some of the BR metal detectors:

Following are some of the many metal detectors manufactured by the BR Company:

  • The BR royal basic metal detector

  • The BR gold step metal detector

  • The BR 800 metal detector

  • The BR 500 w metal detector

  • The BR 100t metal detector

  • The BR 20g metal detector

  • The BR 700 pro metal detector

  • The BR 50gs metal detector

Why chose BR metal detectors:

There are many reasons as to why people should buy the BR metal detectors and some of the reasons are as follows:


The programs used in the BR metal detectors are the most advanced programs. These programs help the metal detector to give the most accurate results. The programs also enable the metal detectors to find targets at different depths.

Ease of use:

The BR metal detectors may have some of the most advance technologies but the BR metal detectors are one of those metal detectors which are very easy to use and can be used by anyone with ease.


The batteries used in the BR metal detectors are rechargeable and can work at a maximum of 12 hours. Because the batteries can be recharged so the users do not have to change the batteries every time.

Long range programs:

Some of the BR metal detectors are equipped with the long range programs. This programs enable the metal detector to find objects at different ranges. The users can easily chose between the different ranges according to their desire.


The BR metal detector manufacturing company manufactures metal detectors which can detect almost anything gold, silver, water, cavities almost anything that the people want to find.

Customer care:

Like many other companies the BR Company also knows that customers are very important so they pay attention to the customer’s query and problem and try their best to solve it. They also have an official website on which there are many sections made to solve different types of problem. The official website will also tell about the distributors in different countries.


The BR metal detector manufacturing company gives warranty on their metal detectors. The period of warranty may differ for product to product but most of the metal detectors from BR have a warranty of 2 years and within this period your metal detector can be replaced or fixed.


The BR Company is some of the very few metal detector manufacturing companies which produces complex metal detectors and this is the reason it is famous. Their metal detectors are used by professionals from all around the world

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