ground tech

Ground tech is a Turkish company which was established in 2001 in Istanbul, Turkey. The company was formerly known as Conard metal detectors.

Ground tech manufactures high quality, three-dimensional (3D) equipment including ground penetrating radars, geophysical equipment and detectors to sense underground metals. Their equipment is made for a wide audience ranging from laypersons/amateurs to professionals like engineers, archaeologists, treasure hunters and anyone who wants to investigate the hidden underground treasures.

Their major innovation is the enhancement in 3D equipment and they are known worldwide for this. Their emphasis is on a better vision which has given them recognition in the world of detectors.

Ground tech has released a new generation of technology which is easy to carry because of it’s lightweight and easy to operate as it works with any smartphone or tablet and exclusive software developed by the company itself.

One of the major areas of focus is customer satisfaction. Their engineers are always ready to solve any problem faced by the equipment and they are innovating towards manufacturing products that are easy to use.

Their products include:

  • 3D ground penetrating systems

  • Multi-purpose detection systems

  • Long range gold and treasure detectors

  • Underground water detection systems

Metal detectors

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