1. Price

Intermediate level detectors lie just below the range of 100,000 Pakistani Rupees whereas the advanced level detectors are comparatively higher-lying between the price range of 120,000 to 225,000 Pakistani rupees claiming extra beneficial factors justifying the price range. 

  1. Hardware

The coil sizes of intermediate level detectors start from 8 inches and move upto 11 inches whereas the advanced level detectors have a coil size having diameters between 11 inches and 15 inches. Both of them come with an option of built in pinpointer. The advanced level detectors have upgradability option for replacing an existing coil with a bigger coil. Intermediate detectors have medium weight range but because of increase in coil size, advanced level detectors are heavier. 

  1. Technology

Both of the detectors have an option for DD coil technology and the detectors themselves are based on the VLF technology which makes them similliar to some extent but the power of this technology is strengthened by stronger and robust hardware which is promised by the expensive models of advanced level detectors. , 

  1. Specifications

The depth range of intermediate level detectors is about 2-3 feet with depth indicators. The depth range of advanced level detectors come starting from 3 feet and up to a maximum of 5 feet underground also with a depth indicator. The ground balance is not available in intermediate level detectors, but it is available in advanced level detectors. However, discrimination is available in both models but it is not that powerful in intermediate level gold detectors. 

  1. Output Mode

The intermediate level detectors come with both options of analog and digital displays. But the advanced level gold detectors do not have much of an option for analog becuase it becomes obsolete at this point. Only digital displays are available, and 3D graphs are not available in any of them. 

  1. Warranty and Spare Parts

Warranty and spare parts are avaialble for all of them provided they are bought from oficial distributors of the brands in your territory. 

Specifications Summary and Comparison  of Intermediate vs Advanced Gold Metal Detectors


Specs Intermediate Level Detectors Advanced Level Detectors
Price < 100K 120K-225K
Depth 2-3 feet 3-5 feet
Ground Balance No Yes
Pinpointer Yes Yes
Coil Size 8-11 inches 11-15 inches
Upgradable No Yes
Downgradable Yes Yes
Coil Technology DD DD
Detector Technology VLF VLF
Discrimination Yes, not powerful Yes
Depth Indicator Yes Yes
3D Graphs No No
Output Mode Analog and Digital Digital
Weight Medium More
Warranty Yes Yes
Spare Parts Yes Yes