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Want to fulfill your metal detecting desire? You don’t know which type of metal detector to buy? Are you a beginner and don’t know how to use a metal detector? Then XP  gold metal detectors are the right choice for you to buy a metal detector because it can solve all your problems which you have regarding metal detecting.


These XP metal detectors were established in the year 1998.


The XP metal detectors is a French company and are located in the French city of Toulouse.

About the company:

XP is a company which specializes in the manufacture of metal detectors. It was the very first company to invent a wireless metal detector. They have always made metal detectors which are easy to use and have the latest features and because of this, it has become a very famous company when it comes to metal detectors.

Why you should choose Xp Gold Metal Detectors :

When it comes to buying metal detectors you should choose the XP metal detector company and why is that so. There are countless reasons to choose the XP among which some are listed below.

Advance features:

The metal detectors which are manufactures by the XP are equipped with the latest features which make treasure hunting more easy and more exciting.

Wide range:

XP has a very wide range of metal detectors which can be used in almost every situation whether you want to look for large objects or small, you are hunting on plain land are saltwater XP will provide you with metal detectors which can fit in every situation so don’t worry and grab one of XP’s many metal detectors.

Easy to use:

The XP’s metal detectors are very easy to use and they do not require any long learning process. Anyone can use their metal detector.

New invention:

The engineers at XP are also trying to give their customers the best and they are constantly inventing new things because of this XP became the very first company to invent wireless metal detector.


At XP all of there products have a maximum warranty of 5 years although some of there products also have a warranty of 2 years.


XP designs its metal detectors in such a way so that they can be light weighted and well balanced. This is done because if the metal detector is not light weighted people will find it hard to use it and they will get tired easily so by using XP’s metal detector you can do metal hunting for hours before getting tired.

Battery life:

One of the problem that most people face when they are using metal detector is its battery because most of the metal detectors do not have a very long life but this is not the case with XP its metal detectors have long battery life so you don’t have to worry about the battery when you are hunting for metals.

No LCD display:

Most of the XP’s metal detectors do not have an LCD display this is because they use the instantaneous sound signaling, because of the extraordinary faculties of analysis of the human ear compared to an LCD display.

The technology used by the XP:

Like many other metal detectors manufacturing companies the XP also uses the VLF technology. There are two basic metal detection technologies which are commonly used in
metal detectors the single-frequency VLF induction balance (“VLF”), and the pulse induction (“PI”). XP commonly use VLF technology. So what exactly is VLF technology? VLF stands for Very low frequency and it can also be called induction balance. Infect it is one of the most commonly used technology in metal detectors.

Why VLF is used by many companies:

VLF technology is commonly used by many metal detector manufacturing companies. So why do they use VLF? The answer is simple because VLF has a very large wavelength which enables them to diffract around large obstacles and it can also pass through salt waters which makes it easy to search underwater. There are also many other advantages of using VLF

Technology is as follows:

• It produces low cost
• It is lighter in weight which makes using metal detector easy
• It is very simple and easy to use
• It has a long battery life so people can do metal hunting for hours without getting worried
about the battery of the metal detector
• Don’t have a “dead zone” in target response causing nuggets in a particular size range
to lose sensitivity

Different models of the XP metal Detector Company:
Following are some of the metal detectors manufactured by the XP metal detector company:

  • ADX 150
  • DEUS
  • MI-4
  • MI-6
  • ORX

How to use metal detectors from XP:

The very first step is to buy a metal detector from XP. The second step is to install batteries some of the XP’s metal detectors have a rechargeable battery so first recharge it. Then install batteries in the metal detector. When the battery and the antenna are connected to the metal detector then you can start with the hunting. Now move your metal detector in the area in which you want to find metal. It can be any type of area whether it is a flat surface or a sand area or even salt water your XP metal detector and work in any type of situation. When you hear a beep beep sound it means that your metal detector has found something. You do not need to worry about the fact that maybe you find something that is not of your use and that you wasted your energy and time on digging because the XP metal detector gives you a full report on your finding so just enjoy metal hunting with XP metal detectors.

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