kts ground radar

Market Analysis:

More than Two Decades, the KTS electronic is the most Citable name in the leadership list of Production Market of GPA and Pulse induction Technology.

They also have a Remarkable name in Producing Alpha Geek Metal Detectors for Gold and Treasure Chasers and industrial Line.

Working for GPA and Pulse induction:


Ground Penetrating (GP) used higher frequency radio signals that transmitted into the Ground, and signs are returned to the receiver and stored on media.

To indicate the location and depth of an object, buried subsurface, various types of GP equipment are used to collect the data.

It is used in Military to locate anonymous vehicles and also in cultural activities.

Pulse Induction:


From several Decades, Metal Detector Technology is used to locate various metallic artifacts and precious metallic ores.

An uncommon, but the accurate metal detector is the Pulse Induction Metal Detector, which is used to find metals.

Most noteworthy for treasure chasers detector is the best Metal Detector to be used.

It uses one coil both as the transmitter and the receiver. A magnetic Field produced when a pulse of electricity sent into the Ground.

If you Plan Treasure Hunting or Gold Prospecting in an area with high mineralization ground, then pulse induction is the best metal detector to be used.

Customer satisfaction level:

The most Citable Thing is that for many years, Gold Mining Companies, as well as Private customers, are working with Gold Prospecting Detectors and 3D pulse induction.

Global Scenario:

On the International level, it includes Private customers For Gold prospecting, Treasure chasers, Professional Gold seeking authority and international miners and companies that are working with Gold finding detectors GPA(ground Scanner)and Pulse induction successfully.

Customer services:

Remarkably Offering High Quality and Advanced performance Products to customers. That is easy to use and handle almost everywhere and in each corner of the World.

Development goals:

From couples of year’s number of engineers and Company team like Technicians key account management, in a nutshell, the whole cast and crew put their focus on customer development goal.

Similarly, shortly, the Product line is increased with the number of highly advanced and upgraded Tech-products,

Above all, it includes Ground penetrating radar GPR Devices and new Development of products.

Review Rate:

Finally, customer rating proves that Products are finally capable of fulfilling the actual stress.

Similarly, perfectly fit for operation even the rough environment of terrain or maybe for the hot desert of Africa.

Likewise also in mountain regions like in Greece Balkans. Gold Detectors are giving fruitful results in Turkey and overall in the Middle East.

These highly advanced Products are giving best results even in Tropical jungles — not only in Asia but Malaysia Indonesia Australia and vice versa.

These Products are giving their best in each Sector, and Their review rates are excellent.

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