Ger Diamond detector


The company was founded in the year 1987.


The GER detect is a German company.

Some words about GER:

The GER detect specializes in the manufacture and development of devices which finds gold, silver, diamond, caves, ancient monuments and even underground water.

Some of the distinctions of the GER detect:

The GER detect have several distinctions out of which some of them are that it was ranked the first amongst the top 20 best manufacturers of metal, water and diamond detectors. They were also ranked first in terms of production capacity and ranked third in sale revenue.

Products at GER detect:

The different products that are manufactured by the GER detect are very special and they differ from detectors made by other companies. This difference is because they have innovative features in their detectors.

Why chose GER detect:

Well if you want to find gold, silver, diamond caves or even underground water then GER detect is your best option and why is that so:

  • Advance features:

The GER detect detectors have the most advanced features like 3D imaging magnetometer, pulse induction and so much more it makes it easy to find gemstones, underground water, caves etc.

  • Portability;

If we talk about the portability of the GER detect detectors we can say for sure that the are indeed quiet portable and are also light in weight. This feature makes finding objects very easy because you don’t get tired very easily.

  • Warranty:

The GER detect provide a warranty of almost 2 years on its products.

  • Wide range:

The GER detect will provide you with a wide range of detectors that you can choose from. Some of its famous detectors are:

  • The GER diamond hunter

  • The GER deep-seeker

  • The GER easy way

  • The GER gold hunter

  • The GER gold seeker

  • The titan GER 1000

  • The titan GER 500

Different systems found in the GER detect detectors:

The GER detect detectors are very advance and have some of the most advanced systems which are as follows:

  • Ionic system:

The gold or any sort of metal, because they have been buried in the earth for years, have a very thick layer of soil or sand and they also developed the north-south lines because of which the exact location of the object cannot be found but with the help of the ionic system these north-south lines can now do nothing and the location of the object can easily be found.

  • The long-range system:

One of the most interesting systems that the GER detectors have is the long-range system. With the help of this system, the long-range targets can be easily found and when the detectors find it it will tell you about the location and then you can walk towards your target.

  • 3D imaging system:

This system only a few of the detectors from other companies have. what this system does is that it scans the underground soil layers and will give you a clear picture of your findings.

  • Magnetometer:

The GER detect detectors also have magnetometers and what this magnetometer does is that it distinguish between a precious gem or a non-precious gem. this is very important to know because most of the time when we find something and we dig we come to now that our energy level is wasted and that our finding is nothing special so with the help of this magnetometer we don’t have to wast our time we will just know if our finding is something special of or not.

  • Pulse induction system:

One of the other systems found the GER detect detectors is its pulse induction system. So what does a pulse induction system do? This pulse induction system helps you to find objects that are buried really deep in the earth. With the help of this system the probability of finding something unique increases.

Some words about the battery of the GER detect detectors:

One of the most important thing in a detector is its battery. People want to purchase a detector which will have very high battery hours because finding gold, diamond, silver or anything precious takes a very long time. So are the battery life of the GER detect detectors long? Well, they do not very long but they also do not have very short battery life. Their maximum battery is 10 hours but here is the plus point there batteries can be recharged so you don’t have to worry about buying lots and lots of batteries and changing them again and again. It seems that there charging time would be very long but that is simply not the case because the GER detect detectors will only take about 4 hours to fully charge. Now you don’t have to worry about the batteries anymore.


Customer services:

The GER detect really focuses on what its customers want. The GER detect takes the feedback from customers very seriously and they try to improve their product and they constantly try to come up with very unique ideas so that their customers are satisfied with their service.


The GER detect have distributors all around the world covering the United States of America and Latin America, Europe, Asia including the Middle East, and North Africa.

Price of the GER detect detectors:

The price that GER detect charge for its detectors is not very low rather it is very high and this is because their products are very unique and special. Their detectors do the things that most detectors from other companies are not capable of doing. The detectors from the GER detect are capable of finding gold, silver and even diamond. The can also locate caves, cavities in the earth’s crust and ancient sites plus they can also detect underground water. So with all these special qualities paying high is worth it.

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