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When talking about metal detectors the very first name that comes in our mind is of Garrett. Garrett is one of the world’s very famous company when it comes to metal detectors and for more than 50 years Garrett has provided its customers with nothing but the best services. Its products are distributed all around the world and you can see its metal detectors at schools, universities, offices and so much more. They not only specializes in the manufacturing of metal detectors for treasure hunting but also for security purposes.


Garrett was founded in the year 1964 by Charles Lewis Garrett and in the same year, Charles Lewis Garrett introduces the dual search coil Hunter, his first metal detector, to the market retail price of $145.

Year 1968: in the year 1968 Garrett establishes the first distributor outlet, “Bowen’s Hideout,” in Spokane, Washington. Realizing the tremendous value of a distributor network, Garrett begins placing ads to set up dealerships across the country.

Year 1971: in the year 1971 Garrett bought a new space and started to increase its production and the very same year Garrett introduced its first low-cost metal detector.

Year 1973: in this year Garrett introduced its very first TR (Transmitter-Receiver) metal detector.

Year 1977: in this year Garrett introduces the original GroundHog VLF/TR prospecting and general purpose detector.

Year 1978: as the demand for metal detectors increased Garrett started to open its shops in other countries and by  the mid-1980s Garrett Metal Detectors becomes one of the largest metal detector manufacturers with over 1,800 distributors worldwide. It was the same year in which Garrett introduced its sea hunter metal detector.

Year 1984: in the year 1984 Garrett’s walk-through metal detectors were used for security in the Olympics games.

Year 1988: in this year Garrett introduced Grand Master Hunter Garrett’s first microprocessor detector.

Year 1990:  in this year Garrett introduces the first Graphic Target Analyzing (GTA) microprocessor-driven detector with multiple notch discrimination for treasure hunting.

Year 1996:    in this year Garrett introduces the Graphic Target Imaging metal detector.

Year 1999: in the year 1999 Garrett introduced PD 6500 Pinpoint walk-through detector.

Year 2001: Garrett introduced the Super Wand hand-held metal detector.

Year 2003:  in the year 2003 Garrett introduces the PD 6500i walk-through metal detector.

Year 2004: in the year 2004 Garrett introduces the Graphic Target Profiling (GTP) 1350 metal detector.

Year 2005: Garrett’s ACE 150 and ACE 250 detectors becomes the bestselling metal detector in the USA.

Year 2011: Garrett introduced the new Super Scanner V security hand-held screening detector.

Year 2014: in 2014 Garrett introduced the fully waterproof ATX pulse-induction metal detector.

Year 2015: The Garrett introduced the Pro-Pointer AT.

Year 2017: Garrett introduced Z-Lynk Wireless Technology.

Some features in Garrett’s metal detectors:

When it comes to features in metal detectors we have to admit that Garrett’s metal detectors have some of the most amazing features that you would want to see in your metal detectors.

Price: when it comes to buying metal detectors then we see that there are some very expensive metal detectors but Garrett is known to have manufactured metal detectors at a reasonable price. This is because they want everyone to easily afford a metal detector so that they can enjoy treasure hunting.

Weight: when talking about the weight of Garrett’s metal detectors then these metal detectors come in all sorts of weights some of them are very light and some are heavy.

Display: when it comes to displaying most of Garrett’s metal detectors have an LCD display which has the ability to tell the user about their findings.

Technologies: Garrett uses the most advanced technologies in its metal detectors. The technologies it uses are the VLF single frequency technology, the multi-pulse induction technology but the most used is the VLF single frequency technology.

 Some metal detectors from Garrett:

Following are some of the metal detectors from Garrett:

  • Garrett sea hunter mark II

  • Garrett gti-2500

  • Garrett pro-pointer II

  • Garrett ATXi

  • Garrett AT pro

  • Garrett AT MAX

  • Garrett AT gold

  • Garrett ace 400

  • Garrett ace 300

  • Garrett ace 250

  • Garrett ace 200


Garrett has also made its name when it comes to buying metal detectors for security purpose. Garrett has introduced several wall through gates and much more. Garrett has the honor to provide security in Olympic Games and in almost 15 Olympic Games it has provided security. Now if you walk in any building you will notice that most of the time the metal detector that the security guard is holding is from Garrett.

Services for the customers:

Garrett provides its customers with the best services. If the customer has any problem regarding the use of a metal detector then the customer can visit the official page of Garrett on the internet. There are videos plus manual is also present which will guide the user how to use the metal detector.


Warranty is given on all the products from Garrett. The warranty given is of 2 years and within these 2 years and the company will replace or repair any part of the metal detector. You simply have to fill the form on Garrett’s official website and then they will take a closer look at your application. Don’t worry if you don’t live in the United States the company offers its services in all the countries where it sells its metal detectors.


Garret is world renowned company that manufactures metal detectors and almost everyone in some point in their life have seen a Garrett metal detector this is because the company manufactures metal detectors for all types of uses and the other reason as to why people love Garrett metal detectors is because of its price. The Garrett metal detectors provide all the modern features at a low price that most metal detectors provide at a very high price so go and buy your very own Garrett metal detector.

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