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The MWF is a group of companies and factories which manufactures metal detectors. The MWF stands for “the metal water finder.”


The MWF was established in the year 2008, and for the last 11 years, the MWF has provided the world with the most advanced metal detectors.


The MWF has its headquarters in Illinois USA and Istanbul Turkey.


The MWF has a long history, and some of its essential events are listed below:

The year 2008:

The MWF group of companies and factories was founded.

The year 2009:

In the year 2009, the MWF Company started working on the development of their metal detectors. They did extensive studies on different subjects to give their customers the best metal detectors in the market.

The year 2011:

The company MWF introduced some of its new metal detectors which are as follows:

  • METAL FINDER: Equipment and detectors specialize in the research and exploration for gold and minerals and troves; these devices operate within international norms and standards and specifications of the results surprising.

  • WATER FINDER: equipment and detectors specializes in the research, detection, and exploration of groundwater and know the types of water and determine the salinity of the water and the depths and intensity

  • CAVE FINDER: Equipment specializing in research and detection of voids and tunnels, caves and hollows in the ground and determine the levels, area, and depths.


The year 2013:

The MWF Company wanted the opinion of people on their metal detectors so that they can improve their metal detectors. They did a poll where they asked a specific number of people about their metal detectors. After the survey, the MWF Company knew what was good about their metal detectors and what was terrible. In the same year 2013, they made developments in their metal detectors and tried to improve them so that the metal detectors can be up to the mark.

The year 2014:

In this year the MWF Company used their detectors which are capable of finding water to find wells in different companies. Following is the list of wells that they found in different countries:

  • Pakistan: 103 wells

  • Saudi Arabia: 97 wells

  • Algeria: 102 wells

  • China: 87 wells

  • India: 68 wells

  • Turkey: 88 wells

  • United Arab Emirates: 49 wells

  • Yemen: 46 wells

  • USA: 23 wells

  • Australia: 14 wells

  • Mexico: 39 wells

  • Sudan: 71 wells

  • Zimbabwe: 82 wells

  • South Africa: 54 wells

  • Afghanistan: 20 wells

  • Syria: 46 wells

  • Jordan: 11 wells

  • Oman Authority: 19 wells

The year 2016:

In the year 2016, the company after four years of extensive study succeeded in developing the most advanced metal detectors which are capable of finding both precious metal and groundwater. Following are the devices that they manufactured in the year 2016:

  • Spark

  • Aqua

  • Gold Line

  • Gold Radar

  • MF-1200 Active

  • MF-1500 SMART

  • MF-9700 QUINRAY

  • WF-202 PRO+

The year 2018:

In the year 2018 MWF metal detectors were now in the list of some of the world’s best metal detectors. Some of the MWF Company achievements were:

  • Spark, has achieved great success with our customers in locating the gold treasure and has been widely recognized for its impressive results in finding gold nuggets in Africa, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia,

  • Aqua, the world’s No. 1 device, has been named the preferred device of many farmers and prospectors for groundwater, with great success in many countries.

  • Gold Radar is one of our most popular devices, which has achieved tangible results in finding many treasures hidden in the Arab countries and Western & Eastern of Europe.

List of metal detectors from MWF:

Following are some of the metal detectors from the MWF Company:

  • Karma spark

  • MF 9700 quinary

  • MF 8000 pro

  • MF 1500

  • MF 1200 active

  • MF 1100 A

  • Gold radar

  • Gold line

  • CF 7500


Why should people choose MWF devices?

Following are some of the reasons why people should buy MWF devices:

Wide range:

The MWF has a wide range of metal detectors which are capable of doing many things. The MWF has metal detectors which are specifically designed for finding gold and then there are devices which are capable of finding underground water and some can also find a cavity. With so many devices that can do almost anything, MWF should be people’s first choice.

Battery life:

Finding something precious can be quite hard and takes a lot of time. Most metal detectors in the market do not have a very long battery life, but the MWF metal detectors have a long battery life this helps the users to not worry about the battery, and they can focus more on finding precious objects.


Whenever something precious is found, the device will alert the users by vibrating or by voice alerts.


The weight of a metal detector matters a lot because finding treasure takes a long, long time and if the weight of a metal detector is more than the users will get tired quickly but if the metal detector is lightly weighted, then the users will not get bored quickly and will enjoy treasure hunting.


One of the other specialty of MWF metal detectors is that they are capable of finding objects and underground water at different depths and lengths. Most of the metal detectors in the market can only find objects at one depth or distance, but the MWF metal detectors are different in this case.


The technologies used in the MWF are modern and up to date. These advanced technologies help MWF metal detectors to give users accurate results.

Services provided by the MWF:

The MWF offers its customers with various services. If the customer has a question about the product, their problem is answered. The details of the distributors are also provided so that people all around the world can know from where they can buy the MWF metal detectors.


The MWF has a variety of devices for different uses. They not only make the traditional metal detectors but also make devices which can find underground water and cavities. So if you need metal detectors, then the MWF is your best option.

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