Tesoro metal brand

The Tesoro metal detector company was founded 20 years and is one of America’s best metal detector manufacturing company.


The Tesoro metal detector company was founded by Jack and Myrna Gifford in their garage about 20 years ago.

History of the Tesoro metal detecting company:

Jack Gifford worked in many different companies before starting his own metal detecting company. He was the founding member of the Phoenix Data. After working for Phoenix Data for many years, Jack Gifford decided to be a consulting engineer and he was involved in different projects like he helped the Quaker Liquor company, and he was also a consulting engineer in the Motorola company. Then in 1975, Jack Gifford got a call from the company Bounty hunters and they said that they needed an engineer and from this company Jack Gifford learned the art of making metal detectors he also helped in making the bounty hunter TR 500 metal detector which at that time became one of their best sellers at that time. Then in 1976 Jack and one of his friend Ray decided to start their own company, and they established the C&G technology.

The company became successful because of Jack’s designs. The partnership between Jack and Ray ended, and Jack had to leave the C&G technologies, but then he was offered a job at the Fishers research labs. Jack Gifford later founded the Tesoro electronics. In 1980 the dealers across America received a letter from the founder of Tesoro electronics telling them about the new metal detector manufacturing company. The message also said the dealers about the latest metal detector from Tesoro which was the Deep Search VI. After the deep search, VI metal detector other metal detectors were also introduced which were the Deep Search IV and Deep Search VII and then in the year 1981 the Aztec metal detector the Cortés metal detector and the Amigo metal detector was introduced.

Over the years Tesoro electronics also changed their policy according to the warranty of the metal detector at first only a two-year warranty was given, but then this was changed and now a lifetime warranty is provided. The Metal Detector Information magazine was also introduced by the Tesoro electronics the purpose of introducing this magazine was actually to tell the customers about the metal detectors. In the following years, Tesoro electronics became one of the very first companies to add lightweight metal detectors. In 1982 the Tesoro Silver Sabre line of metal detectors was introduced which became the best sellers of the Tesoro electronics and is still in production. In the year 1985 Golden Sabre and the Cutlass and 1986 added the Silver Sabre Plus were introduced which also became one of the bestsellers of the Tesoro electronics.

The golden was the first metal detector of the Tesoro’s electronics which had the notch filter discrimination feature. In the years 1987 only one metal detector was introduced by the Tesoro electronics, but this metal detector had all the latest features at that time. In 1989 the Golden Sabre Plus and the Lobo metal detector were introduced, and the Lobo metal detector was the first gold prospecting metal detector with silent search discrimination feature.

The year 1991 was a very busy year for the Tesoro crew because the Tesoro electronics introduced the Diablo II, the Silver Sabre II, and the Stingray, but they also built their first private label detector for the European market-the Laser B1-and the Tesoro electronics also moved from Phoenix to Prescott. In 1995 the Tesoro electronics introduced a new water housing along with the Piranha and the Stingray II, and both of the metal detectors had an industry first interchangeable coils. In the same year, the Tesoro electronics manufactured the Laser B3.

In 1996 the Tesoro electronics upgraded their technology and introduced the µMax series of detectors. In the year 1998, the Tesoro electronics introduced the Cutlass II µMax metal detector, and in the year 1999 the Sand Shark and Laser Rapier were introduced by the Tesoro electronics. The year 2000 saw the introduction of the Conquistador, the Compadre and Tiger Shark metal detector.


Some metal detectors from the Tesoro electronics:

Following are some of the metal detectors from the Tesoro electronics:

  1. The Tesoro Vaquero metal detector

  2. The Tesoro tiger shark metal detector

  3. The Tesoro Tejon metal detector

  4. The Tesoro silver umax metal detector

  5. The Tesoro sand shark metal detector

  6. The Tesoro outlaw metal detector

  7. The Tesoro Mojave metal detector

  8. The Tesoro Lobo supertraq metal detector

  9. The Tesoro Deleon metal detector

  10. The Tesoro Cortes metal detector

  11. The Tesoro compadre metal detector

  12. The Tesoro Cibola metal detector


Customer care:

Tesoro electronics have always tried their best to take care of their customers. Over the year, they have improved their customer care services. The Tesoro electronics try their best to facilitate their customers. They have also established a magazine which includes information about the metal detectors, which keeps the customers well informed the users about the metal detectors. The manuals with the different metal detectors of the Tesoro electronics also gives the users full information about how to use the metal detectors. The official website of the Tesoro electronics also is very helpful; it tells about the dealers across the country plus it also contains the manuals. There is also a FAQ section, so if the customer has any question related to the metal detector, the answer to that question can be given.


At first, the Tesoro electronics gave a warranty of two years on their products, but then they decided to provide a guarantee of a lifetime on their products this actually facilitated the customers. If any of the parts of their metal detector is not working, it can be repaired or replaced.


The Tesoro electronics have always tried their best to develop metal detectors which are loved by people and over the years they have succeeded to do it. Now their metal detectors are used and loved by people all around the world.

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