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QUEST METAL DETECTOR is an electronic instrument brand which recognizes the closeness of metal nearby. Metal identifiers are useful for finding metal fuses concealed inside articles, or metal things secured underground. They every now and again include a handheld unit with a sensor test which can be cleared over the ground or various articles. If the sensor gravitates toward a touch of metal this is appeared by a changing tone in earphones, or a needle continuing forward a marker. Ordinarily, the device gives some indication of partition; the closer the metal is, the higher the tone in the earphone or the higher the needle goes.

Finding a metal is one of the difficult tasks, no one can easily find any of the metal. So for this purpose, people use to choose a metal detector which is most difficult to do. Because only the best metal detector can provide you best results which can help you and can make your life easy and tension free. So according to understanding the needs, wants and desires of people QUEST METAL DETECTOR  is designed.


There are thousands of metal detector which can detect for you, which can provide results to you but no one can give you the results within conditions that provide you the QUEST METAL DETECTOR. this metal detector which is named as Quest metal detector is designed according to the needs, wants, demands and desires of people. It fulfills the needs, demands wants and desires of their user.

Yes, now you might be a little bit confuse that how there can be a something like that. So don’t be confuse anymore and let me clear the point. Yes, the QUEST METAL DETECTOR can fulfill your dreams, it can solve the many problems you are facing. Yes, the QUEST METAL DETECTORS can detect metals with different following features at a very affordable price.

  • Stylish design

  • 100 % results

  • Flexible to use

  • Smart devices

  • Affordable prices

  • Anywhere at anytime

  • Unique and durable design

  • Different models


Now is the detailed information about the QUEST METAL DETECTOR.


QUEST METAL DETECTOR is a metal detector with a stylish design. As we all know that style is something which plays a very important role in the decision making the process. It’s obvious that one can only buy and use the thing if it is stylish because style can attract the individual’s attention. So first of all appearance matters a lot. So the design of this metal detector is designed in such a way that it grabs an amazing position in the market as well as in the user`s mind. It has a stylish coil to detect the metal. It is designed in such a way that it can detect with reliability. some of its models are designed to wireless which enhances its style.

  • 100% RESULTS:

QUEST METAL DETECTOR has the capability of providing you 100% results. I bet when you are using quest you will never to get your perfect result. When you are detecting for any of the metal I suggest you use Quest metal detector. It is the one which can detect any metal with a fantastic performance. It can detect any metal from anywhere. Not any of the metal can stay hidden from quest metal detector. Its results are as accurate as it can be. So I assure you, if you are using Quest to detect metal it will never disappoint you and will help you to find out what you want to.


QUEST METAL DETECTOR is a metal detector which is very much flexible to use. Flexible you can say in such a way that any one can easily use this. This metal detector is very to use so you can use it rather you are a beginner or experienced. No training is required to use this. As the ease of use is the user`s first priority. So when Quest is designed the main thing which kept in mind was user`s ease and flexibility. It is easy to use so anyone can use this rather the one is left-handed or the right hand. Rather an individual is suffering from any disease i.e. fracture or etc. so he can use it with the other hand.


As everyone nowadays become smart and everyone prefers smart technology based things. As technology nowadays is one the most preferred thing and smart things are everyone`s favorite. So QUEST METAL DETECTOR is also designed as of the smart devices. It has a digital interface which tends it towards smartness. These devices are digital devices which make them smart. Some of its models are wireless, some include headsets which is unique and different. Its smartness made it competitive. So this one is one of the competitive brands which is used to detect metal.


QUEST METAL DETECTOR is a brand whose products are designed by keeping users in mind. So affordance is one of the major components. As customer whenever buy something he must try to buy more at a low price. So it is designed accordingly, yes it will provide you more in less price. So anyone can easily afford this.

  • ANYWHERE AT any time:

As it is mentioned above that the QUEST METAL DETECTOR includes wireless designs so anyone can use them anywhere at any time. This has different models through which we can detect on the sand, underwater, mountains, hills, dry and wet area as well.

So if you are looking for any of the metal detector then there is no best choice other than this QUEST METAL DETECTOR which is easy to use and easily available for you.


There are different models of QUEST which are given below:







  • Q 40

Q 20

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