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The white electronics is a family owned business which started in the year 1950, and for the last 69 years, white electronics has provided nothing but quality.


The company white electronics was founded in the year 1950. At that time many people wanted to find radioactive elements and the owners of the white electronics were amongst those people this actually lead to the establishment of the white electronics but at first they did not develop metal detector but the manufactured of Geiger counters but in the year 1958 when the US government announced that it would purchase uranium the owner of the white electronics Ken had to change his plan, so he started manufacturing metal detectors whose demand at that time were increasing day by day.


The white electronics office is located in the 1011 Pleasant Valley Road Sweet Home, OR USA. This office distributes its metal detectors in both America and Canada. They also have a second office which is located in Scotland, and this office distributes metal detectors throughout Asia.


The white electronics slogan is:

“Give the customers quality and value, and treat your employees like family.”

Some of the products from white electronics:

Following are some of the products of white electronics:

  • The white Xventure

  • The white VX3

  • The white VC 10

  • The white VC 8

  • The white V 3i

  • The white TRX pin pointer

  • The white treasure pro

  • The white treasure master

  • The white TM 808

  • The white TDI-SL

  • The white TDI beach hunter

  • The white surf master 3Q

  • The white MXT all-pro

  • The white MX-sport

  • The white MX 7

  • The white MX 5

  • The white M6

  • The white gold master 24k

  • The white GMT-3Q

  • The white coin master black 3Q

  • The white bulls eye-II-pin pointer

  • The white BC4

  • The white BC 60

  • The white AF 103

  • The white AF 101

  • The white AF 350

  • The white AF 109

  • The white 3900

Why should you prefer white electronics over other metal detectors companies?

There are many reasons as to why people should choose white electronics for buying metal detectors. These reasons are as follows:


The metal detectors manufactured by white electronics are always equipped with the latest technology and the most current technology that white electronics use is the VLF single frequency technology. Some of the white electronics metal detectors also have PI pulse induction technologies.


The white electronics design their metal detectors in such a way so that they are light weight this is done because finding precious metals or stones can take a lot of time and if the metal detectors are massive then people will get tired more easily but as the white electronics metal detectors are lightly weighted so you can go for metal hunting for the whole day without getting tired.

Search coils:

The search coils used in the white electronics metal detectors are usually of significant size, and the big size of these coils enables them to find the smallest target that is why most people find precious objects within minutes when they start using the white electronics metal detectors.

Pinpoint mode:

One of the most exciting thing that white electronics metal detectors have is that they have pinpoint mode, and because of this pinpoint mode, people do not have to spend money on buying a separate pinpointer.

Ground balance:

The ground balance in most of the white electronics has automatic ground balance. The automatic ground balance makes it easier for the beginners to use the metal detector because they do not have to set the ground balance manually.

White electronics official website:

The official website of white electronics has all the information that you would need to know about the metal detectors. They have videos on their website, which tells you how to use the metal detectors plus they also tell about the technologies that they use in their metal detectors. In short, their website is quite helpful for those who have just started metal detecting and want to learn more about it.

Customer care:

A company can never succeed if it does not care about its customers. A company should always listen to the customers enquires and should help them in all possible way. This is what white electronics do they know that customers are very important, and they try their best to help their customers. They have all the information about their products and how to use them on their official website. If you are new to metal detecting and don’t exactly know how to use a metal detector, then don’t worry they have videos on how to use their metal detectors both on their official website as well as on their YouTube channel. So don’t worry because white electronics will surely help you in learning how to use a metal detector.


Warranty that white electronics give on their metal detectors is of 1 year, and within this one year, the white electronics will repair your metal detector for free or even replace it with a new one. All you need to do is fill a form on the official website of the white electronics, and they will tell you where you have to take your metal detector. If you don’t live in the US don’t worry they have service centres across the globe they will tell you about the service centre near you plus they will also tell you about how much work on your metal detector has been done.


While electronics have provided quality service for the last 69 years and have happy customers all around the world. While electronics have manufactured some of the world’s best metal detectors. They have also manufactured metal detectors for the beginners who have easy to use functions. White electronics is the best option when it comes to buying metal detectors. While electronics have a wide range of metal detectors for every purpose, so if you love to go on a treasure hunt that you need a white electronic metal detector.

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