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OKM Gold Metal Detector In Pakistan -German Detection Technology


OKM started introducing their metal detectors in 1998 which is 20 years back.
They started by introducing the best 3D Gold and Metal detectors in Altenburg, which is a part of east
Germany, and from they are providing their users with their professional and advanced detectors.

Innovations by OKM GERMANY:

From the past 20 years OKM is always ready to facilitate their users with the advanced and unique ideas
they have been innovating unique ideas like

  • 3D ground scanners to find out underground treasures.
  • Gold detectors with live streaming technology.
  •  Multi-sensor technology detectors.
  • Telescopic sensors
  • LED integration technology to ease the night searches.
  • Color touch screen and video glasses which makes it easy to use.

Why you should buy Okm metal detectors In Pakistan:

Question arises that why one should buy the metal detectors from OKM Germany when there are so
many other places but there are some very unique and interesting reasons to do so. Here we are going
to list some of those reasons.

Advanced technology:

OKM is always providing the best and advanced technologies of metal detectors since its beginning for
providing the best experience to its users with less effort with metal detectors purely made in Germany.

The products of new FS future series is indulged with unique technologies making it all possible.

Maximal performances and Perfect Technology:

The FS future geographical instruments provide deep penetrating technology which make it capable to
find Gold, Silver, Treasures and other precious metals. It can also find out grave chambers, tunnels and
tombs which are relatively very deep under the ground.

By using FS future series measuring instrument you can find the objects to maximum depth which is not that much possible by any other detectors.

Besides that FS future series is capable of making the 3D image of the underground objects which makes so easy to determine the location and depth of the buried object.

Support by the experts of OKM GERMANY:

No matter what device you are using the correct usage of the machine is very important to bring out the maximum benefit out of it, if you are not using it the right way it’s of no use. So OKM GERMANY is well-known for its customer service.

In case of any question or query how to use the metal detectors, how to take measurements, how to
visualize the 3D image, how to differentiate between different metals, how to find depth of the target,
how to locate the position contact OKM team and they are there to answer your queries and help you.
User can take support personally from the company, via email, via phone, online or by fax.

Training Facility by OKM GERMANY:

Although the use of OKM metal detectors in Pakistan is very easy and they also provide complete user manual with
the product delivery but they still can provide its users a training lesson in their factory. They provide
their users with outdoor area for the practical testing of device as well as indoor area to see analysis on
computer systems.

Their staff is there to help you out for using the detectors as well as to answer your queries.


OKM provides 2 years of warranty period for all delivered goods within this period all the repairs are free of cost and after the expiration of warranty period they provide their users with estimate of repair costs. The label stickers on the device is the warranty seal which indicates that the device has not been opened yet. Any kind of tear and damage to that seal will terminates the warranty agreement provided by the company.

User’s satisfaction Guarantee:

OKM tries its best to provide its users the best experience with their Pakistan metal detectors. Besides that due
to any reason a customer or a user is not satisfied with the product he or she can contact the company
and they will help to resolve the particular problem.

Certified equipment:

All the devices by OKM Metal Detector In Pakistan are approved and certified by the experts in Germany.

Experience finding the treasure with OKM GERMANY:

They not only provide you the best metal detectors but also provide the professional after sales services.

They help you with finding the treasures and make your dreams come true.

Detection technologies by OKM GERMANY:

OKM is well known in providing unique and advanced technologies for their users.
Here we are going to briefly discuss some of these technologies.

Earth Imager (The new experience in the field of metal detecting):

This technology is the star of their new FS future series. It is capable of representing the graphical results
without using any additional computer system.

How to detect a treasure using OKM GERMANY metal detectors:

OKM has wide experience in providing their users with the products (metal detectors) with which users can find the underground treasures and metals very easily their products are always user friendly.

When you start using the detector the first thing is prepare the detector for the measurement in a
specific area where you suppose the treasure is.

Usually a power supply has to be connected to the main control unit of your detecting device and a
specially delivered problem.

When the antenna and the battery is connected to the metal detecting device you can start doing your

An area is have to be defined which is actually a square area in which you like to do research. Then you
have to scan the square area in a predefined way.

Then you move your detecting device over that area and scan that and collect and view data from your
3D image.

Actually the main control unit of your device send the impulses to the ground and collect information.
Then it collects all of the information from the ground to make a 3D image.
In this 3D image all the underground things become visible and in this way you can detect any kind of
metal, gold or treasures.

Operator is using OKM metal detector to locate buried metals

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