What Display of Gold Detectors Tell

When it comes to mechanical equipment collecting some kind of input from the environment, the method of their display of output also becomes very important. The quality, the material as well as the accuracy of output generated by metal detectors can predict their value to the users because sufficient information is provided in an understandable format becomes the key of the effectiveness of the equipment in question. Following are the available methods of display of gold detectors which can be found from beginner to professional level equipment and what exactly they can tell. 

Analog Gold Detectors

The most backward kind of option in some of the lighter variants and older models of gold detectors available include an analog display. It shares the least amount of information regarding the detection and is the least effective among all types. Basically, a needle is present in the middle of the lowest end of the scale. The scale may have divisions in numeric form or basic high low, where low determines the signals from far away or smaller objects whereas high or larger number characterizes strong signal from a relatively closer location or larger object. The needle deflects according to the magnetic field received by the recipient coil, if strong then towards the stronger pole and if less then towards the weakest pole of the circular or semi-circular scale.

Digital Gold Detectors

These are relatively modern display system having an LED (Light Emitting Diode) display where the system assigns numbers to certain metallic components to make sure it can clearly distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous compounds. The numbers assigned to each group can be different and is usually in ranges as well where a certain range would determine the purest form of gold, whereas on the opposite end, the range would determine the pure iron or ferrous alloys. These digital displays are more practical as compared to analog and are seen very frequently in intermediate, advanced and deep seeking gold detectors. 

3D Graphical Gold Detectors

The most advanced form of display in gold detectors is when the display comprised of an LED backlit technology and the screen is able to show colorful graphs and can summarize the shape and size of the prospective object found or detected underground just by scanning it from the top. This output method used a different color to classify different type of metal and once again the colors can vary from model to model. 

Role of Frequency in Gold Detectors 2019

What Frequency means in Gold detectors

Frequency means how much waves are hitting the ground emitted by the gold detector. The magnetic waves formed by a change in alternating current in the coil of the detector generates electronic waves which hit the ground and colliding with the magnetic field of another metallic object, receives the input electronic waves generating detection output.

How it is measured

It is measured in KiloHertz (KHz), which means if the frequency of your detector is, suppose a 100KHz, then 100,000 waves are hitting the ground.

Relationship of Frequency with Depth

Frequency and Depth have an inverse relationship which means if the frequency of waves hitting the ground increases, they will penetrate the ground in lesser depth. But if a lesser number of powerful waves are emitted, they will penetrate the ground comparatively deeper. 

Relationship of Frequency with Sensitivity

In contrast, frequency and sensitivity have a direct relationship, meaning if the frequency of the number of waves hitting the ground increases, it will be efficient towards detecting minor sizes of the metallic objects, increasing the sensitivity of the equipment. more And if a lesser number of waves are hitting the ground it will be more difficult to detect smaller sized object ignoring them completely or partially, resulting in less sensitivity of the equipment. 

What High Frequency means

In sum, if the gold detectors are working on high frequency of waves, they will become unable to detect objects in more depth but the sensitivity will increase as no matter how less the depth is, nothing will be ignored within that range.

What Low Frequency means

Low frequency would mean lesser number of waves hitting the ground, so they would be more powerful and go deeper into the layers of the Earth’s surface. However, it will compromise the sensitivity of the equipment as it can ignore the relatively smaller chunks of metallic objects. 

Choosing the right frequency range detectors

Depending upon your specific needs, you can choose which detectors suit you the most. Using very high frequency can cause noise in output as the equipment would become sensitive to even the metallic particles in the sand which are irrelevant in terms of their value. But using extremely low frequencies would result in ignoring valuable pieces of metal. So choosing just the right amount of frequency range by using the help of technical specialists in our firm is highly recommended to make sure you buy the right equipment. 

[Explained] Sensitivity in Gold Detectors

What is Sensitivity in Gold Detectors

Sensitivity is a feature of gold metal detectors where the highly sensitive equipment can detect even the smallest of the metallic objects underground, but when these settings are reduced, then only bigger metallic objects are detectable. 

Why is it important

 This feature is especially important when the soil content is highly mineralized and many metallic components are found in fine form. When they are interfering with the results, the sensitivity of the equipment can be reduced to make sure the particles in the soil can be ignored and only the gold nuggets or gold objects that actually matter are observed. 


  • Sensitivity and Mineralization

As explained above, the high, low or negligible mineral content of the soil is highly determinant of what sensitivity settings would be better for a ground type.  If the soil in some region has heavy metallic contents, they will intervene with the results of the gold detector causing unnecessary distortion. So the sensitivity settings must be reduced to cope up with high soil mineralization. 

  • Sensitivity and Trash

Another environmental factor is the number of people who visit the place because if the area is highly public, or a recent construction has been taking place, then many trash materials metallic in nature could be found underground which would also affect the results of highly sensitive equipment. 

  • Sensitivity and Electrical Interference

Unlike buried objects, electrical interference is caused in the presence of electrical wirings, sockets, circuits and systems through which currently passed and they would also interfere with the electric field of gold metal detector. This could also be caused by heavy metallic objects buried in concrete for structural support, underground metallic pipelines, etc.

How it works

Every detector is equipped with unique systems log which would allow you to access the settings for sensitivity and other major functionality of the instrument. You can use the user manual to see how you can increase or decrease sensitivity settings of your specified model, and which settings are best for the specific ground you will use your equipment on. 


The sensitivity of gold metal detectors usually has a dependency more or less on the type of soil, the soil mineralization, the quality o ground in terms of embedded trash metallic objects as well as the environmental electrical interference from huge metallic objects which could demand a change in sensitivity level of the equipment. 

Importance of Knowing Your Soil Mineralization For Gold Detection

Detection is not only about the objects in focus, but it is also very much amplified or disturbed by the environment. Soil being the medium of suspension for an underground gold object, its physical and chemical properties have a strong influence on metal detection in general. Here is the most important feature of soil, soil mineralization in terms of its contents, what it means, why it is important and how it interferes. 

What is Soil Mineralization

Our Earth’s soil is enriched with many compounds whose chemical composition may suggest they are metallic or non-metallic in nature. The sum total of all compounds present in the soil accounts for the mineralization of soil which can cause a change in its physical and chemical properties. 

Why is it important

Gold detectors have a sophisticated mechanism based on detecting the metallic components in the soil through the interaction of a magnetic field generated by the current in their coil. These can be the objects we are looking for, like gold coins, gold nugget, relics, statues, etc. And these can be the objects no one is looking for, like the metallic composition of the soil particles. If the soil in some region has heavy metallic contents, they will intervene with the results of the gold detector causing unnecessary distortion.

How it Interferes

Because gold metal detectors function on detecting the metallic components buried in the ground, the shape size and distance of the objects matter as well as quantity if they are in fine form. If the soil contains particles, they are mostly in fine or powdered form. But they can be enough in quantity to produce a background noise for the detectors. in most of the cases,  they generate enough metallic field to be noticed by the changing magnetic field of the equipment because they have the capacity to absorb electric currents and generate a magnetic field of themselves. So, the metallic components are included in the natural mineralization of soil and are more likely to interfere with the results.

How it is balanced

Ground balancing is a function which many modern and relatively expensive variants of gold metal detectors come with, which is specifically designed to tackle this problem. It balances the irregular metallic component of the soil, which means the mineralization of the ground is made compatible with the gold detector settings to avoid any irregular variance in the results. Some good quality detectors distinguish between ferrous and nonferrous compounds but at a point in time, it also becomes irrelevant because the intensity of the noise becomes annoying for the person in the field. So eliminating this irrelevant beeping of the device must be minimized by maintaining ground balance. 

[Ultimate Guide]Everything to Know About Ground Balance in Gold Detectors

Each detector comes with unique functionality and ways to tap those specific functions. This can be very challenging but it definitely is not rocket science. Knowing some of the background information about the function such as what they are, why they are important in metal detection and how they work, will help you a lot to emphasize on them so you could take the most out of your equipment. 

What is Ground Balance?

Ground balance is a process where the mineralization of the ground is made compatible with the gold detector settings to avoid any irregular variance in the results. Earth comprises the vast majority of sand and soil, whose chemical composition in different areas often suggests the presence of metallic compounds in its build. These metallic components are included in the natural mineralization of soil and are more likely to interfere with the results.

Why is it Important?

Depending upon the type and intensity of ground mineralization, it can be very critical to maintaining ground balance. Because the response in metallic components of the grounds to the detection mechanism of the gold detectors will cause unnecessary noise to irrelevant cues, that is not gold. Sophisticated gold detectors distinguish between ferrous and nonferrous compounds but at a point in time, it also becomes irrelevant because the intensity of the noise becomes annoying for the person in the field. So eliminating this irrelevant beeping of the device must be minimized by maintaining ground balance. 

How it works

Ground balance has some specific settings which vary according to the model of each detector. The user manual dictates clearly how to ground balance can be settled so each unique type of ground becomes compatible with that specific type of detectors. The people from the sales team having a technical expertise of the product will also guide you according to the model and brand you purchased. 



In conclusion, ground balance is a very important factor if you are working on very different kinds of soil more often and have no clue about what kind of soil you will encounter the next time. Because optimizing your gold metal detector according to the settings of the soil mineralization in the ground is one of the most important features to make sure the maximum range of frequency and depth potential is being utilized on the specified land.  


Gold Detectors as a Gift in Pakistan 2019

The tradition of gifting goods to the loved ones and acquaintances is evolving as a ritual because more than emphasizing on the value of the gift, the element of its practicality is also important these days. Objects which you could just decorate on a shelf no more is a desirable gift option for many people as opposed to the ones which can be used on a daily, weekly basis or can be used to gain more value. Gold detectors can be considered as valid gift options if such beliefs are existent in the gift buyer. 

Purpose of Gift

The gift could be selected for two basic purposes, whether for recreation purposes and no serious consideration of the output is required. Or whether for treasure hunting or seeking gold for the purpose of collecting ornaments, coins or relics of some worth underneath the ground. 

Unique Equipment

Gold detectors are not like the household juicer blenders or fancy manicure equipment. Gold detectors are very unique machines and many people are not aware of the uses and applications of such equipment, so an element of surprise and amusement is always there. 

Ease of Use

Despite looking like too complex, there is only slight training and field testing required to fully understand all the options available in gold detection equipment. So this would not be as difficult to use as many overly technical equipment out there. 

About the Receiver

The personality of the person intended to receive these gold detectors also matter as they may take it seriously depending upon their age, stage in the lifecycle and many other factors. Children could enjoy coin hunting as recreation whereas adults can put serious thought into it. 

Locality of Receiver

The place where the receiver of the gift lives also remains an are of importance because if he or she lives in a populated area, choice of detector would vary and if the areas rich with gold nuggets then the detector would be completely different irrespective of its size. 

Interest in Gold Detectors

Their existing level of awareness or interest in gold detectors could vary and affect the choice of selection as experts would prefer advanced level and people on the initial level would like to start with beginner level equipment. 

Excellent item for Recreation

If the person wants to enjoy quality time with their family or friends, gold detectors can easily be used for an exciting outdoor activity and the souvenirs would be so much more valuable than candies and toys. 

May Used for Side Business

People with established main business or in a hectic job can use gold metal detectors as a dependable side business. Because looking for objects underground which hold so much value and can be sold out to market for so much would be very helpful. 


Customs Duties and Taxes of Gold Detectors in Pakistan 2019

Gold detectors are heavy equipment imported from all over the world and it involves a thorough import process. One of the main processes in import is a declaration of customs duties and taxes to the import authorities in Pakistan. Federal Board of Revenue or FBR classifies imported goods in several categories and assigns a unique HS Code to them so the customs procedure becomes more manageable. According to FBR, the assigned category of our imported goods is metal detectors which have an HS code of 8543.7090.

  1. Dollar rate

The dollar rate is an important factor determining the value of customs duties because according to the recent regulations, taxes will be applied on the dollar invoice value of the product at the time of clearance, rather than when the consignment was purchased. 

  1. Bank Charges

Banks being the third parties charge some additional service charges to their buyers and sellers as being intermediaries in the import process. They issue a letter of credit, bill of exchange and other supporting documents guaranteeing the payment from the buyer to seller, in order to minimize the risk. 

  1. Freight Charges

The charges incurred for logistics by third parties who transport the shipment from one country to another are called freight charges. Popular logistics companies providing shipments in Pakistan include DHL, FedEx, etc. The freight charges include the weight in kilograms of the consignment as well as cost per volumetric size of the consignment. 

  1. Custom duties (@5%)

Custom authorities in Pakistan use the HS code assigned to our specific product type which automatically calculates the amount of taxes associated with that type of import. Previously it was only based on the product’s market value in dollars and freight charges, but according to the recent regulations, the volumetric size of the consignment is now also added as an additional customs tax.

  1. General Sales Tax (@17%)

The general sales tax liability according to FBR is now calculated at 17% of the purchasing value of products which is noted on the invoice in a dollar value. 

  1. Additional sales taxes (@3%)

The additional sales tax liability according to FBR is now calculated at 3% of the purchasing value of products which is noted on the invoice in a dollar value. 

  1. Income Tax (@6%)

Income tax is deducted from the company’s annual business expenses at the end of the year but also on the proceeds from sales of a consignment grossing up to a significant value at the rate of 6% of the market value of the product. 

  1. Warehousing charges (volumetric and daily)

The warehousing charges are accounted by the company where during the delay of customs clearance and other procedures till the products are finally shipped to the final customers, the products are kept in a safe location for the purpose of securing them and assigning them to a proper storage unit. This may or may not include insurance charges the warehousing units charge for additional damage protection, The charges are daily as well as volumetric depending upon the dimensions of the product or consignment being stored. 

  1. Custom entry

The airport custom authorities charge a certain amount to the buyer for importing goods to the home country which are identified by the HS Code of the product category as already mentioned above in detail.. 

  1. Custom Clearance Charges

Third-party facilitators are often engaged in a process for clearing out the goods from customs facility in the airport. They have a variable rate for the services offered depending upon the type of shipment and overall custom duties and taxes.

  1. Delivery Order (DO) charges

The charges which are required for confirmation of delivery order and responsible for safely moving the consignment to the exact location of the buyer’s office or warehouse requested. 

  1. Civil Aviation Authority Charges

A variable expense charged by the civil aviation authority for providing the airline services for commercial services to the organizations. 

  1. Handling Charges

The expenses which determine secure handling and protection of fragile items in the consignment to make sure the items are delivered to the buyer in one piece. 


Guide to Importance of Pinpointers in Gold Detectors 2019

More Accuracy

Pinpointers, as their name suggests comprises of a very thin tip at the end of the device which is used to point at the location underneath the digging to clearly visualize whether the metallic object is present or not. So the metal detection mechanism is concentrated in a confined area as wide as the tip of pinpointer. 

Saves Time

Digging vaguely because of the gold detector’s readings can become a very tiresome task for the crew especially after a while when they do not know where to look further. Pinpointer saves any unnecessary efforts by exactly showing the location where the object is to be expected so efficient and precise diggings can take place.

Easy to Carry

Due to less weight, it is easy to carry as most of the pinpointers are about the size of small electrical drilling equipment. They do not weigh as much as their practicality and are a must-have for treasure hunting or gold detection adventures. 

Locates Objects Within Diggings

After the confirmation of gold detector, the crew starts digging and looks for some alternative to narrow down the search. Although detectors can be trustworthy, but precision is not their area of expertise. Here come the pinpointers, declaring inch by inch specific location of the metallic object.

Can be built in or Separate

Some modern gold detectors come with built-in pinpointers where the user has to just give a command to the control unit and it enables pinpointer mode for precise detection. However, separate handheld pinpointers are also very helpful because of their compatibility, and they are known to be more powerful than built-in pinpointers. 

Motion is not Required for Detection

Generally, metal detectors work on the principle of motion as the moving coil causes a change in the magnetic field which creates electronic output. But pinpointers do not require motion to operate successfully for metal detection.

Can Fit in Tiny Spaces

Because of their compact size and lack of motion detection requirements, pinpointers can easily fit in confined spaces or digs with limited diameters to confirm the presence of metallic objects. This can be very practical to avoid unnecessary digging operations especially in areas where it is comparatively harder to dig like the presence of rocks etc. 

2-4 Inches Depth

Pinpointers are accurate till 2-4 inches only but they are highly sensitive to even the smallest of objects maximizing their chance of finding precious objects. So they are the best gold metal detector accessory to accompany with, increasing the success rate thrice as compared to only relying on a metal detector. 

[BUYERS GUIDE] Why buy Gold Detectors from us?

  1. Competitive Prices

We will ensure you the best prices available as per the market rates because the quality will never be compromised and the prices would definitely be not. It would not be an exaggeration to say that a 100% guaranteed unbeatable price with the lowest possible margins will be provided to create a long term relationship with our customers.

  1. Genuine Products

Products from only guaranteed manufacturers making and distributing top-notch gold detectors around the world are chosen to make sure the build quality is best, the functionality of the equipment is sustained and good resale value is ensured. 

  1. Expert Technical Support

Our team of experts in gold detectors will make your decision easy for you by sharing every possibility of products suitable for your range and unique situation. We believe in educating our customers so they can make a well-informed decision for themselves rather than enforcing our decision down their throats. The professional trainer’s expertise in gold detectors is confirmed so you would only meet with the best. 

  1. Unbeatable After Sales Services

Good quality brands in any industry rely on a good after-sales service support to their customers, whenever and however they need it. You can expect unbeatable services in terms of warranty claim issues, getting training to operate the products successfully in the field as well as spare parts of the products in case required because gold detectors are designed in a very specific way that even the basic connecting bolts are made up of plastic, which is not easily available in market.

  1. Deliver from All over the World

We contact world-class gold detector manufacturers from all over the world including America, Europe, Australia and many other locations globally. As in the 21st century, distances are not a problem anymore and if our customers insist on a specific technology, we can go to several lengths to make sure they get what they want.

  1. Certified and Authorized distributors

We are official distributors for many known brands in the metal detector industry including but not limited to Fisher, Teknetics, OKM, Minelab, Makro, Nokta, etc. We have the proof of certifications as well as legal authorization to import and distribute numerous brands to our Pakistani target audience.  

  1. Fast and Free Shipping

No matter where you are in Pakistan, we can provide you free shipping for the equipment by our trusted distribution partners like TCS, BlueEx, M&P, etc. No matter what the size or weight of your machine is, bearing the shipping costs is our headache and we will fulfill our promise of facilitating our customers wherever we can.

  1. Cash on Delivery available in Pakistan

The equipment can cost a lump sum amount which could be a problem for you if you are buying it for the first time and have trouble believing a new seller. So first time in Pakistan, we provide you the option of cash on delivery for your equipment, where you can pay as soon as the shipment arrives on your doorstep. This will improve our relationship as buyer and seller and your risk will be minimized.

  1. Hassle free Importing

Importing from abroad is a hectic series of events involving so much paperwork, delays, collaboration with outsiders, rusting parties you can never see and so much collateral risk. We as an organization already established our ways to import our favorite equipment or you so you will not have to dive into the hassle anymore. Just place your order, sit back and relax till the product arrives at your doorstep.   

  1. Verification of machines on Client Requests

On the client’s request, we can verify the authenticity of the machines imported, directly from the manufacturers so they can make sure the product is genuine and authentic. No information regarding the product will be withheld including the documentation it comes with like manuals, warranty cards, certifications, etc. 

  1. Spare Parts and Accessories

Company is responsible for providing authentic and genuine spare parts from the manufacturers upon the request of the customers if required. As mentioned before, spare parts in gold metal detectors can be very tricky as they have a very unique build avoiding metallic components and based on materials which will not interfere with detection mechanisms of the equipment. So it is very crucial to get the spare parts from the original manufacturers so they may not alter the functionality of products.

  1. Warranty Repair and Replacements

The genuine products come with various durations of brand warranty including 1-10 years of warranty during which we will bear the responsibility of handling all issues coming under warranty repairs as well as replacements of malfunctioning parts or whole equipment.

  1. Sales tax Invoice

The transactions will be recorded as per proper professional procedure where the amount of the product’s cost and general sales tax will be clearly mentioned on a computer-generated invoice so data stays intact with both parties the buyer and seller.

  1. More than 10 years of Experience

Pakistan detector technologies is working to provide excellent sale and after-sales services to our clients for more than 10 years. That is the reason why we can promise a better experience to our clients as opposed to our competitors which claim too much but cannot actually provide. 

  1. All Products Tested and Certified

Whichever product or equipment our company supplies to you is field tested in advance to make sure best and properly functioning products are being supplied. In addition to that, each unit is certified from testing and quality assurances so each of it is technically competent in terms of product functionality.

  1. Largest market Share in Pakistan

Being in the field for the longest gives some advantages, majority of the clients who require gold detectors, metal detectors or security equipment on a regular basis do not hesitate to contact us because of our top-notch services and support. 

[Scams Out There] Frauds in Gold Detectors 2019

Metal detectors are heavy equipment which can be classified as both consumer electronics and industrial equipment depending upon the type and size of the item. From manufacturers to distributors, marketers to third-party agencies, many parties are involved in the formation and selling of such equipment. As not much information is available about the technical specifications and what they actually mean, people tend to get in scams and frauds more often. Here are some reasons why you could see fraudulent or incorrect details about your gold detectors.

Misrepresentation of Specifications

Sometimes companies communicate the depth of a certain detector but it turns out, the product is unable to perform at the said depth. This difference in communicated depth and actual depth can be caused by various factors including the type of ground used for interaction with metal objects, which could significantly alter the depth and penetration of waves in the ground.

Incorrect Output Generated from Devices

The devices are unable to interpret the frequencies and show wrong outputs which mislead the gold detector users to dig in wrong places or to ignore the right places. This especially happens in the 3D Graph-based detectors which portray the wrong size or orientation of an object in the ground due to which the people make wrong decisions or waste time and resources. 

Partial Detection of Objects

The devices are not when as efficient as they are advertised to be, severe performance flaws can prevail where even the basic functionality of gold detectors is compromised, that is detecting gold. It ignores many gold objects within the ground thus wasting many opportunities for the owner of gold metal detectors to dig, collect and earn.

The Biggest Scam – Long Range Locators

Long range locators, promising the antennas or extension of some minimalistic hardware grabbing signals for waves from unbelievably long ranges, are the biggest scam of the metal detector industry. It is not physically possible for the device to generate a magnetic field or electronic current transmission long enough as advertised, and many studies and trials proved that it never works. 


The design and sophisticated software of the said devices may appeal to the users because it seems so user-friendly to sit in confined spaces and look for precious metals 2500 meters deep in the ground. However, the results are very disappointing and experts do not recommend such long range locators for professional or leisure purposes.