XP Deus metal detector in Pakistan

XP Deus is a one of a kind type metal detector available on the market right now. It is designed to be compact yet powerful, and wireless. The search coil wirelessly connects with a compact control unit. The control unit looks like a remote. As a result, making it easy to carry. As well as the device is extremely lightweight. XP is working really hard on the wireless element. They are making even the accessories wirelessly compatible like Pinpointer, headphones, etc. Moreover it has a lot of features and functionalities you can work on. Thus digging in deep will only take you close to the treasures eventually. We recommend it if you need something small and hardly noticeable. Moreover, something that actually works.

Price of XP Deus metal detector in Pakistan

This detector is made in France by XP Detectors. They are proudly presenting cutting-edge technology which turns every gold prospector’s dream into reality. Powerful and lightweight devices also based on reliable and authentic technology. Xp deus metal detector is now available at Pakistan Detector Technologies

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