Explained Sensitivity in Gold Detectors

What is Sensitivity in Gold Detectors

Sensitivity is a feature of gold metal detectors where the highly sensitive equipment can detect even the smallest of the metallic objects underground, but when these settings are reduced, then only bigger metallic objects are detectable. 

Why is it important

 This feature is especially important when the soil content is highly mineralized and many metallic components are found in fine form. When they are interfering with the results, the sensitivity of the equipment can be reduced to make sure the particles in the soil can be ignored and only the gold nuggets or gold objects that actually matter are observed. 


  • Sensitivity and Mineralization

As explained above, the high, low or negligible mineral content of the soil is highly determinant of what sensitivity settings would be better for a ground type.  If the soil in some region has heavy metallic contents, they will intervene with the results of the gold detector causing unnecessary distortion. So the sensitivity settings must be reduced to cope up with high soil mineralization. 

  • Sensitivity and Trash

Another environmental factor is the number of people who visit the place because if the area is highly public, or a recent construction has been taking place, then many trash materials metallic in nature could be found underground which would also affect the results of highly sensitive equipment. 

  • Sensitivity and Electrical Interference

Unlike buried objects, electrical interference is caused in the presence of electrical wirings, sockets, circuits and systems through which currently passed and they would also interfere with the electric field of gold metal detector. This could also be caused by heavy metallic objects buried in concrete for structural support, underground metallic pipelines, etc.

How it works

Every detector is equipped with unique systems log which would allow you to access the settings for sensitivity and other major functionality of the instrument. You can use the user manual to see how you can increase or decrease sensitivity settings of your specified model, and which settings are best for the specific ground you will use your equipment on. 


The sensitivity of gold metal detectors usually has a dependency more or less on the type of soil, the soil mineralization, the quality o ground in terms of embedded trash metallic objects as well as the environmental electrical interference from huge metallic objects which could demand a change in sensitivity level of the equipment.