Gold Prospecting Scope in Pakistan – 2019

Gold prospecting could be explained a procedure where various items made out of pure gold like gold coins, relics, and statues etc are found underground by looking for them in the places suspected for such treasure. Or generally speaking. It means seeking the places of gold deposits underneath the ground. How it has evolved in Pakistan and what will be the scope in Pakistan in 2019, would be discussed briefly under.

Scope in Pakistan

Following are the major items which could be discussed under the scope of gold prospecting in Pakistan in terms of the government of Pakistan, the public or nationals of Pakistan as well as what is the existing areas where the gold prospecting mechanisms exist in Pakistan. 

No Government Support

As per the research, it is seen that the government of Pakistan shows no particular interest in the gold deposits recovery or prospecting, which is evidently present under the ground and just requires some attention. The government may or may not be aware of the existence of gold prospecting opportunities in Pakistan, as well as for the ways by which they can detect and extract such metal components from under the ground successfully and effectively. Many governments who are actively participating in gold prospecting in their countries, for example Australia are generating billions of dollars in revenues from such firms. As well as if the government decides to become a part of this, many job opportunities will become available for the unemployed pool of people in Pakistan.

Public Awareness

The people of Pakistan face many problems in their lives being citizens of a developing nation, including political, economic, sociocultural, technological and environmental problems which makes it very hard for them to actively seek information about something as unique or as vague as gold detection equipment. So many majority of the people have no idea that gold prospecting exists as a career or business opportunity in pakistan. So they are not looking for options to find gold because they do not really know that the gold exists. 

Where Gold actually Exists?

Despite of being such rare passion, we have developed a loyal clientele during the period of time, gradually raising awareness about gold prospecting and distributing quality equipment which actually helps them find materials as valuable as gold. According to the information collected from our clients, we have narrowed down two specific gold prospecting or gold recovery types in Pakistan which are observed in different areas.

  • Fine Gold Recoveries in Pakistan

Fine gold, or gold in very pure but powdered form in form of small particles are mainly extracted from the regions of Gilgit and Baltistan, where manual filtration systems are used to separate several layers of rocks soils and water from the fine gold particles. 

  • Gold Nugget Recoveries in Pakistan

The gold nuggets or chunks of gold are mainly found in the areas in and near Quetta, Balochistan where the high quality metal detection equipment is utilized to avail the opportunities of detecting gold underground with more precision and guarantee than going in and digging without proper detection equipment..