Batteries Duration of Gold Detectors

Gold detectors are a type of devices which are specially designed to work outside the facilities of office space because the ground in vast majorities has to be covered. So a durable battery back up is a necessity because of the fact how much a detector is used outdoors. Here are some details which you need to know about the batteries duration of gold detectors.

Hardware Type Determines Battery Duration

This is true for not only gold detectors but any type of electronic devices. Your toaster oven may not require as much electricity as the split air conditioner because of so much complexity and advanced system functionality in the later. Same goes with the gold detectors. If a basic beginner level analog display gold detector is used, it will consume less battery than an intermediate gold detector with digital display, ground balance, and high-frequency range. So it is possible that the same battery would last longer for simpler devices as compared to the ones in complex advanced devices.  

Types of Battery Available

Gold detectors have some different available types for batteries found in different models which could vary according to the need and requirements of the specific models. Following are the most important types or classifications of batteries available for gold detectors.  

  • Disposable AA Batteries

The regular double A or AA batteries which are easily available at general stores are also able to power up some of the models of gold detectors. They are easier to carry because are much light weight and compact in size. In addition to that, many come in a disposable format so if you are at a remote location in the mountains and no electricity is present, you can just use and throw them safely. 

  • 9V Batteries

Another option which is relatively powerful than regular AA batteries is a 9V battery. It has stronger voltage potential and it can provide backup time for longer duration. ALthough these come in rechargeable format and an electricity source whether wire based or wireless would be required to use frequently during the exploration.

  • Detachable Lithium-Ion Batteries

These are an advanced form of rechargeable batteries which can be removed completely from the units and can be charged separately. So they come with a utility of spare batteries and you know if you need three times the battery timing of a detector usually. You can keep 2 spare fully charged Lithium ion batteries during the travel. 

  • Built-in Rechargeable Batteries

The built in rechargeable batteries are usually very powerful and strong batteries which have the potential of lasting more than regular or detachable batteries. These batteries however can be charged with a remote power source like generator or power banks and can be used to keep the machine running for a very long time. 

Batteries Weigh Down the Detectors

An important fact to note down at this point is, that a battery’s weight usually accounts for the amount to charge they can store in them so basically the hours of battery backup they can provide. So a battery with generous back up time would significantly weigh down the detector. You must choose an option clearly according to your needs, because when you are swinging an equipment for thousands of time in a day, weight of the detector is going to be a factor of concern.

Spare Batteries Option Available

You can also avail the option of spare batteries which can be separately ordered with the machines, ones that come from the same manufacturer and are guaranteed to be compatible with your device providing the promised duration of back up time.