Best Place for Treasure Hunting Using Gold Detectors

Treasure hunting is not only an elaborate plot of a historical fiction movie anymore. It exists in real life and people depend on it from their hearts and souls. There are several reasons why people would even consider entering into this thrilling yet completely unpredictable field, treasure hunting. Treasure hunting is basically looking for precious metal items underneath the surface of the Earth which could result in finding valuable items for exchange of money. Take a look at some reasons why people would get into treasure hunting.

Stories vs Reality

Being a member of a rich culture and old civilization background, we start hearing fairytales since we start to understand them. Some of those stories are heard so many times from different people that it becomes hard to distinguish between reality and fiction. Some of the popular examples include:

  • Stories from Family

Probably you heard a story from your grandfather how a gold chest was buried under your backyard in the war times, so your ancestors thought their children could dig them up at the time of peace.

  • Stories about Royalties

Stories about popular local kings and the riches of their kingdoms, how they would like to challenge the people in their estate by hiding chests and full of gold to be found. Or how a whole kingdom or a castle was buried in a specific location somewhere and digging up could be beneficial to get some quality gold. 

  • Stories about Society

Some stories may purely rely on society and culture, that the non muslims used to bury expensive gold based items with their relatives who passed away in their tombs and graveyards. 

Do not focus on Specific Area

Specifying an area would limit you to the geographic boundaries of that location. Make sure you can expand the area by contacting the people you know and getting permission for accessing more location by getting in an agreement with them to share your profits on a mutually beneficial ratio or percentage. 

Show some Determination

It can be very demanding in terms of time because at first, you may find trash consistently. The weather might not work in your favor and you might feel like you are wasting too much time. Feeling extremely frustrated with the tiresome operations and blaming the fault on the machine will ultimately snatch opportunities from you regarding the exploration of new and better locations. 

Gold can be anywhere!

As we said earlier, do not rely on the limited geographic area as gold can be anywhere in the ground. Maximize your access to the areas where you might think it is possible or some unexpected area which you would never consider for gold detection, Earth has most definitely the potential to surprise you.

Some places to look for Gold in Pakistan

According to some of the sources, we have gathered frequent data from our clients which could be summarized as follows. Quetta and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are well-known places for gold detection as many people successfully found items. But overly populated areas like Karachi are not very good locations to search for gold.