Guide to Importance of Pinpointers in Gold Detectors 2019

More Accuracy

Pinpointers, as their name suggests comprises of a very thin tip at the end of the device which is used to point at the location underneath the digging to clearly visualize whether the metallic object is present or not. So the metal detection mechanism is concentrated in a confined area as wide as the tip of pinpointer. 

Saves Time

Digging vaguely because of the gold detector’s readings can become a very tiresome task for the crew especially after a while when they do not know where to look further. Pinpointer saves any unnecessary efforts by exactly showing the location where the object is to be expected so efficient and precise diggings can take place.

Easy to Carry

Due to less weight, it is easy to carry as most of the pinpointers are about the size of small electrical drilling equipment. They do not weigh as much as their practicality and are a must-have for treasure hunting or gold detection adventures. 

Locates Objects Within Diggings

After the confirmation of gold detector, the crew starts digging and looks for some alternative to narrow down the search. Although detectors can be trustworthy, but precision is not their area of expertise. Here come the pinpointers, declaring inch by inch specific location of the metallic object.

Can be built in or Separate

Some modern gold detectors come with built-in pinpointers where the user has to just give a command to the control unit and it enables pinpointer mode for precise detection. However, separate handheld pinpointers are also very helpful because of their compatibility, and they are known to be more powerful than built-in pinpointers. 

Motion is not Required for Detection

Generally, metal detectors work on the principle of motion as the moving coil causes a change in the magnetic field which creates electronic output. But pinpointers do not require motion to operate successfully for metal detection.

Can Fit in Tiny Spaces

Because of their compact size and lack of motion detection requirements, pinpointers can easily fit in confined spaces or digs with limited diameters to confirm the presence of metallic objects. This can be very practical to avoid unnecessary digging operations especially in areas where it is comparatively harder to dig like the presence of rocks etc. 

2-4 Inches Depth

Pinpointers are accurate till 2-4 inches only but they are highly sensitive to even the smallest of objects maximizing their chance of finding precious objects. So they are the best gold metal detector accessory to accompany with, increasing the success rate thrice as compared to only relying on a metal detector.