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Treasure Hunters in this content I will going to tell you about the amazing metal detector which is said to be one of the most amazing detector the one and only DM detectors. The DM detectors have been dealing with lots of category of products which includes the metal detector dealing with the riches and artifacts, the metal detectors for the security and the metal detectors by the DM for the industrial lines. So treasure hunters in this content I will be mentioning you the products which really going to be according to your interests means in this content we will be going to discuss the products which are totally dealing with the riches and the artifacts. So the metal detectors which are dealing in the category of riches and artifacts include:

  • AMX Lite.

  • AMX Pro.

  • AMX TD.

So let’s talk about that who are basically the spokesperson of the DM metal detectors where all the treasure hunters can easily purchase these detectors. The official shops of these detectors are also in India where those treasure hunters who are basically located in India can easily purchase it. The supply chain of DM metal detectors had spreaded over to a lot of countries which includes Pakistan, India, Europe, etc.

So there is one question which is being mostly asked by the consumers.

If there is any sort of distinction intermediate to novice detectors and of the median metal detectors?

There is being number of differences between the novice and the median detectors.

At first comes the Price.

As novice detectors are totally designed for the new comers. So for the new comers the cost of these detectors has been set to the cheapest ranging so that those new comers who are making this alloy detecting as a part of their avocation can easily have an access towards these detectors there should not be any difficulty for these new comers related to the pricing. With contrast the metal detectors which are being designed for the median level consumers consists of the median pricing ranging because these detectors consists with the extra characteristics which will actually going to be very useful for the median level detectors in order to get the best outcome.

So the second one is the Applied Science.

In the novice metal detectors the applied science which is being used is a little bit different. In novice metal detectors the coiling which is being used is the monophonic coiling. And in median level detectors the dual category of coiling is being used the monophonic and the DD searching coiling.

Third one and the last one is the Assurance plus also the Supplementary Components.

The novice metal detectors and the median level detectors consists of the assurance by the producers and plus it is not possible that if any part faces through wear and tear so the supplementary components will not be made available. YES treasure hunters you had just come to the right point that the supplementary components are made available for you.

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