Coinfinder CF77 Metal Detector

Coinfinder CF77 metal detector

Coinfinder CF77 metal detector is a simple and easy to use . It is designed for maximum performance. Meanwhile if you compare it to other digital devices, it is more powerful. The stability of this detector is uncompromised. 

This metal detector is used in field and gave exceptional results. It is perfect for coins and relics, . It detects minimum the size of a coin. The larger the size of object, the easier to detect. Hence CF77 can also detect larger objects. For example metallic utensils, metallic weapons

This detector is the stability is uncompromised at this depth You can work on high mineralized soil as well. Our customers highly recommend CF77 because it is quite user-friendly metal detector. You can buy CF77 if you want more depth and more stability.

You have to compromise on exceptional discrimination.  CF77  works on 8 AA batteries. Also, you can choose rechargeable or disposable. Whichever option seems convenient. Coinfinder has 11 inch coil in standard package. It also include 17 inch optional coil as well. Manufacturer also makes 9 inch coil, but it is not popular in Pakistan.


Coinfinder CF77 metal detector