1. Price

Difference between Beginners vs Intermediate Gold Detectors is very important to understand . The beginner level detectors usually are in the lowest price ranges starting from about 10,000 Pakistani Rupees to 50,000 PKR making it very accessible the people who require them as a hobby or for leisure. And the intermediate level detectors are the ones which are limited up to the price range of about 100,000 Pakistani rupees with some additional features which are very helpful for the ones interested in achieving better results. 

  1. Hardware

Beginner level gold detectors come with a coil size of about 4, 5 and 8 inches in diameter, whereas the intermediate level detectors have an option starting from 8 inches to 11 inches. Beginner level detectors are not upgradable whereas the intermediate ones have an option of changing the coils with bigger or smaller coils. The beginner level does not have the functionality of a  pinpointer but intermediate detectors come with built-in or an accessory pinpointer. Former are lighter in weight and easier to carry whereas later have slightly more weight depending on coil size. 

  1. Technology

The coil in beginner level detectors come with only mono coils but intermediate detectors have both options, mono, and DD coils. The detector technology of both categories is based on VLF mechanism. 

  1. Specifications

The depth capabilities of the beginner level detectors come with a very minimal range which is 10-12 inches only with no depth indicators whereas the intermediate level detectors have a satisfactory range of 2 to 3 feet underground, with depth indicators. Ground balance is not available in both categories and beginner level detectors have not very good discrimination options. The intermediate level detectors have them, but they are not very powerful either. 

  1. Output Mode

Beginner level detectors are mostly found with analog displays but some of them also have a digital one. Intermediate level detectors have options of both analog and digital whichever is convenient for the buyer. And both of them do not have any kind of 3D graphical display option available at this point.

  1. Warranty and Spare Parts

Both of the type of detectors beginners and intermediate have a warranty available from qualified manufacturers as well as spare parts are also available upon request. 

Specifications Summary and Comparison  of Difference between  Beginners vs Intermediate Gold Metal Detectors


Specs Beginner Level Detectors Intermediate Level Detectors
Price 10K-50K < 100K
Depth 10-12 inches 2-3 feet
Ground Balance No No
Pinpointer No Yes
Coil Size 4,5,8 inches 8-11 inches
Upgradable No
Downgradable Yes
Coil Technology DD
Detector Technology VLF VLF
Discrimination Not good  Yes, not powerful
Depth Indicator No Yes
3D Graphs No No
Output Mode Analog and Digital Analog and Digital
Weight Less Medium
Warranty Yes Yes
Spare Parts Yes Yes
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