Best Beginner’s Guide for Gold Detectors

Pakistan is considered as one of the deepest countries in terms of the natural resources blessed by the Almighty.  Areas like Gilgit Baltistan and Quetta are possessing thousands of dollars worth gold just lying beneath its surface ready to be discovered. In Pakistan, this is a Beginner Guide for Gold Detectors the use of Gold detectors is mostly concerning the treasure hunting as hobbies, because many of the buried antique pieces left by the previous emperors like statues and other molded items are constantly begging to be discovered by the residents and hobbyists of such manner. 

Guide for the Purpose of using the Gold Detector

If you are considering to buy a gold detector and thinking whether it is a valid idea to use such equipment for this purpose or not, here we can help you by sharing why our other customers are buying and using gold detectors: 

  • For recreation

The number one reason to get into the gold detectors is just for recreation, spending some quality time dirtying the hands in the mud, looking for something that is worth it. For example, people buy beginner level metal detectors to find coins at the beach because it is a fun activity and creates a bonding experience with siblings, children or friends. 

  • For Treasure Hunting

People who know the value of frequently found hidden objects or gold nuggets under their ground are more willing to enjoy gold search and gold digging as a hobby or leisure. this Guide is for Gold Detectors It is most certainly a good hobby because it pays off really well. The treasure if found of unique historical value can become part of a great collection or can be sold to the best bidders, whichever is the goal of keeping this hobby. They are interested to buy some advanced level equipment whose results are reliable and precise. 

  • As a business

For the people who have the time and resources as well as will to pursue gold detection, gold collection and gold search as a full time or side business are the ones who invest in top-notch equipment getting best quality results and earning steadily from such operations. It is very important for them to make sure the results of the equipment are not compromised so the resources are used more efficiently and effectively. 

Budget for Gold Detector

You may want to decide how much you are willing to pay for your gold detector. As in any industry, the more you will pay, the better quality equipment with more added features you will get. And if you choose to pick a cheaper alternative, you will have to compromise on important features regarding the functionality and technical specifications of the gold detectors. 

Type of Land

Most probably you have already viewed a suitable land to pursue your gold detection objectives. The type of land also determines what type of gold detector you would be more likely to purchase. For example, if the area is remote where the population has no or very limited access, such areas would be less likely to be trashed so highly sensitive equipment with lesser depth would be okay as well. But if the area has frequent visitors or constructions in process, residual metallic objects from such activities would cause noise, so low sensitivity equipment would be preferred with more depth. 

Specifications Summary and Comparison  of Gold Metal Detectors


Specs Beginner Level Detectors Intermediate Level Detectors Advanced Level Detectors Deep Seeking Detectors Professional Detectors
Price 10K-50K < 100K 120K-225K 350K-700K 800K-4800K
Depth 10-12 inches 2-3 feet 3-5 feet 6-10 feet 10-50 feet
Ground Balance No No Yes Yes Yes
Pinpointer No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Coil Size 4,5,8 inches 8-11 inches 11-15 inches 1-2 meters No coil – Sensors only
Upgradable No Yes Yes Yes
Downgradable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Coil Technology DD DD
Detector Technology VLF VLF VLF Pulse Induction No VLF
Discrimination Not good  Yes, not powerful Yes Yes Yes – through 3D graphs
Depth Indicator No Yes Yes Some Yes
3D Graphs No No No Yes Yes
Output Mode Analog and Digital Analog and Digital Digital Digital Digital
Weight Less Medium More More More than 20-30 kg
Warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spare Parts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproofing No Some, No underwater